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  1. HA HA! that's brilliant! thanks for the lovely picture you've painted. We love the west coast of Scotland, there's loads of oyster catchers there! never been up there at this time of year though! Have a great break in Scotland!
  2. look at the crowds! amazing. c'mon Sheffield we can do better than Leeds, ilkley, Otley, Skipton, Harrogate.... Line the route and Cheer!
  3. Comics, celebrities, costumes, gaming and more!! Here's a link! http://www.sheffieldfilmandcomiccon.com/ As a (very) grown up adult I know it's sad but.... I got to go!
  4. I drove past today and there's no nest! It looks like it's been destroyed (to be fair it was quite dark and i was going close to the speed limit) can anybody confirm this please?
  5. Yep! they've sold it. A real shame, only discovered it last year and saw some really good local bands there in the last few months. Like you said, had a great vibe about the place.
  6. Why do you think that people who wear burkas aren't "proper people"? Is it because they are women, or Muslims?
  7. We'll be going to watch on Jenkin road with my daughter. We'll cycle there from the other side of town (Gleadless) probably take the scenic route (because she's only young and can't do the hills yet) and hopefully make an afternoon of it in the blazing sunshine that we're going to have all day! Might even take some sarnis!
  8. It is interesting to note that you didn't quote ALL my post. Crack cocaine was not prevalent in the uk in the 1970's. You really ought to read a BOOK with proper referenced scientific research to back up what the author says in the book. NOT just take things on the internet as being true. They are not usually backed up with referenced works that can be traced back to (a) scientific paper(s).
  9. Cafe Rouge always serve a nice breakfast. one at peace gardens and on Eccleshall road One place to avoid is Patisserie Valerie on Barker's pool. It is a cake shop but they sell (terrible) breakfasts. Went with the family once and had to get a refund as it was mostly inedible.
  10. Drove past today and saw the chicks and mum! lovely sight in all that urban scenery.
  11. Tommo68 "None so ingnorant as those that won't learn."(sic) "dealers that used to make crack used to pour the liquid residue on cannabis resin back in the seventies." Crack cocaine in the seventies? don't think so. you need to read more informed literature! do a bit of learning yourself! i recommend a book...... anyone can write anythng on the net and be hidden by anonymity. Books ARE different! you have a proper author and references so you can trace the original research used. "David Nutt (former chief advisor to the government on drug policy) Drugs Without The Hot Air." Covers legal and illegal drugs and the actual harm, (personal, economic and societal) that drugs cause.
  12. This might help you to decide what species they are...(full instructions on categorising is given from alink within this link!) http://www.nhm.ac.uk/research-curation/research/projects/bombus/bumblebeeid.html Lots of bees are solitary and lay a single egg in a chamber. The entrance to the chamber(s) can be shared. This is why you may be seeing many bees using one entrance hole. Try not to kill them though! Please! we need all the bees we can keep these days.
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