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  1. Think the sweets were called Lemfizz but there were in Orange and Lime as well as Lemon. I think they did liver salts and the like too. This kids story sounds worrying:D
  2. The art teacher was well tasty, she went out with the metalwork teacher. 'you lads carry on filing down some old bits of scrap, I'm just going to see a member of staff about something' Lucky sod! ---------- Post added 29-05-2013 at 01:17 ---------- Cant remember her name at the moment but it will come back to me
  3. Carters used to be near Norfolk Bridge on Attercliffe Road. If I remember right the sweets were about 2 inch square
  4. Anyone remember Mr Harrison? He used to teach science and run the school choir. He also used to drive a lovely Riley RMA
  5. Used to drive an MG Midget with a huge mag mount on the boot with a light on the top everytime you keyed the mike. It looked like a dodgem car. My name was Night Prowler (big AC/DC fan) and was always down at 'Good Buddies' on Attercliffe, does anyone remember that place.... I think CBing lost its excitement when it went legal onto FM. Still happy days!
  6. Will keep a lookout for your bike while on my travels. I think Handsworth has a problem as my shed was broken into recently, the thievin' scumbags knew my bike was in there. They still had my tools and motorcycle helmets away though. Wish I knew some Hells Angels.....
  7. Used to drive a bus, total pain in the neck, sympathies to the drivers. Drive a coach now, passengers are less miserable as usually they are going on a jolly, but the pay is miserable. Can't seem to win. Still, better than working for a living.
  8. Top end of Ballifield, trouble was I think they came for my bike
  9. Here we go again another thread about a shed broken into. Trouble is I know who did it, but as everyone seems frightened to death about giving evidence I seem to be powerless.... Anyway if anyone knows the whereabouts of 2 motorcycle helmets, a 3/8th drive socket set, a set of ratchet ring spanners, two pair of bike gloves could you let me know.....fed up now:(
  10. Anyone remember Goffs in High Hazels Park, Candy Floss and Sherbert.
  11. I drive coaches for Ashley Travel, we still have a couple of Burdetts Coaches (still in business) and we even have an old Grant and McAllen coach which has the same livery as Ashley Travel Coaches.
  12. My dad, Ben Dodd worked at the weighbridge as he got too old for the furnace work
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