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  1. Nah Den Ace.... If ya wanna see the Gents in action, then click The sound and picture quality ain't brilliant, but I think it sums up the feeling and excitement about the band. Why not check 'em out yersen at Handsworth Fun Day on the Handsworth Rec. They're performing free from 3pm this Saturday (22nd July 2006) Go on....you know it makes sense! Regards, Spacehopper
  2. Nah Den Ace.... Forgive me if this has been discussed already. I've done a search, but to no avail. I cannot believe you wise people of Sheffield have made such a glaring omission. I went to see a band on Saturday at The Plug....They hail from Sheffield....It was the launch of their debut album "Smile Back at Me"....There was 900 people there....They were amazing....They were called.... The Gentlemen They're a kinda indie/funk outfit, with maybe a slight nod to the Kaiser Chiefs. Check 'em out here and here. The Arctics and Millburn are currently flying the flag for Sheffield; but believe me, within 12 months they will be little fish compared to....The Gentlemen. Regards, Spacehopper.
  3. Nah Den Ace.... It's not about where ya from......... ............it's about where ya at! Regards, Seamus Winston Abdul O'Seamusson O N E L O V E
  4. Nah Den Ace.... I like the OCS.......... ....like Jimmy heard the day he caught the tram Oooh oh la la; oooh oh la la..... When you find that things are getting wild Don’t you want days like these... I've got all their albums ~ Choice! Regards, Spacehopper.
  5. Nah Den Ace.... I'm wanting to go down to the Hush Puppy this Saturday.... Does anyone know if you have to be a homowner to get in? Regards, Spacehopper.
  6. Nah Den Ace.... Sorry Babe, but t020 gets my vote - ain't he the cutest? Come on everybody, vote t020 - Mr Ecclesall 2005!!!! Regards, Spacehopper.
  7. Nah Den Ace.... Ecclesall is a bit rough. Wasn't there a well publicised murder there a while ago? Near the old brewery? I certainly won't be walking the roads of Ecclesall after dark. Regards, Spacehopper.
  8. Nah Den Ace.... Taking into account that Unitedites are somewhat challenged in the brain cell department, never has a truer word been said in jest! Regards, Spacehopper.
  9. Nah Den Ace.... Hamall Lane! Regards, Spacehopper.
  10. Nah Den Ace.... Well spotted! So even you can summise from the information given, that Sheffield United are in The Championship (or to use your numbering system, OLD DIVISION TWO) and it is they who are quaintly known by the footballing world as "The Pigs". Anymore for anymore? Regards, Spacehopper.
  11. Nah Den Ace.... Somebody ought to tell Michael Howard to clear up his mess then! Regards, Spacehopper.
  12. Nah Den Ace.... Well surely that would be "pihsnoipmahC ehT" Regards, Spacehopper.
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