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  1. 15kg are £6 and 30kg are £10 we have found from customer feedback that a 15kg bag will last 4 days . hope this helps
  2. Our briquettes come in 50mm diameter by 50mm long , we can make them longer but we have found keeping them short gives you a really solid briquette which will burn longer and hotter ! We have loads of bags in stock, if anyone is interested we are based on leppings lane in Hillsborough
  3. Hi I've just sent you a pm regarding logs for your wood burning stove
  4. Mine was done the night before . Made a mess of the side door!!!
  5. Yeah I called them straight away . But what good it will do I don't know! If they caught them they would only tell them off
  6. Last night at around 4am I whitnessed two scrotes walking down lyminster rd cool as cucumbers , hoods up crowbar in hand after trying to break into my van. They headed down asygarth rd and jumped into a dark Audi A3 . Couldn't get the reg due to distance and luckily for them the car had really poor reg light bulbs . Nothing was stolen as no tools of any value are left in the van but I've now got a servealy bent and damaged Side door!!! Sick of all these scrubbers who feel the need to steal . I'm going straight down to the local shop and buying a decent rifle as these scrotes are just so brazen its beyond belief .
  7. If you want to pm me the address I will mention it today when I speak to one of them. They are the people who you need to get in touch with . It's there job to enforce article 4 in that area and they both seem to do it well from previous experience
  8. Hi all . It is 100% article 4 and if the landlord hasn't applied for permission ( which would get knocked back the very same day) they WILL eventually make him replace them with new wooden windows. I deal with the conservation and planning officers in the nether edge area more or less everyday as we are always replacing sash windows down there. Out of interest who is it you have been comunicating with ? Zoe or Ruth ?
  9. I've got a brand new mattress going cheap if you would like it ? I bought it around 6month ago , slept on it for a week max but realised it was too hard for my glass back and bought another. It was bought from dreams for £300 . It's yours for £80
  10. Hi there. Please call us for a quote, we are specialists in the manufacture and installation of sash windows in and around Sheffield. We specialise in properties that are restricted by conservation and heritage laws, also approved by Sheffield city council. Take a look at or website for more info http://www.crookesjoinery.co.uk Our contact number is 0114 2330699 Please feel free to pop in to our workshop and take a look for yourself. Regards Lee
  11. I have a full garage roof of panels going if you want them?
  12. Whoever's idea it was to change the roundabout to lights wants sending to Syria and explain their actions to the Isis lot. Total end bells
  13. Give us a call at Crookes & Son Traditional Joinery ltd , we specialize in the manufacture and installation of sliding sash windows. We are also approved by sheffield city council for work on listed and heritage buildings in conservation areas in and around sheffield. please take a look at our website at http://www.crookesjoinery.co.uk for more information, or pop down to our workshop in Hillsborough , we will be more than happy to help. We are one of the only companies in sheffield who are certified ACCOYA specialists!
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