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  1. I am wanting to get the telephone number for Missy's - they are offering an unlimited use of Flabelos, i thought it was from Nutt Case but when i have rung them they said it was Missy's next door - i cannot find this company ANYWHERE on the internet!! Does anyone have the number for them? thanks
  2. We are hopefully getting the keys to our new home in the next couple of weeks, but there is no gas fire in the living room, we are looking to buy one but are on a budget, does anyone know of any gas fire showrooms which are not too expensive? thanks
  3. Me and my boyfriend are buying our first house. The estate agent that is selling the house asked me if we had heard of the 'homebuyers scheme', we didnt. she said it was something the government had just come up with and it was that the government 'loan' you half of the mortgage, and you have half the mortgage i.e. £100,000 mortgage, you have a mortgage of £50,000 and the government 'loan' you £50,000. she told me this would be soo much cheaper than having the full mortgage and is out there to help first time buyers. I had vaguely heard of something for FTBuyers but never looked into it, i have tried looking on the internet but not having much luck! Does anyone know anything about this scheme? is there any catches to it, is it any good? Any help on it appreciated
  4. My bloke bought me some fluffy dice from Scarborough with my name on it, he had one but when his car went in for MOT they lost it, i want to get him another one but cant seem to find them anyway, been on e-bay and found nothing, i have seen a few cars with these in Sheffield and wondered if anyone knew where i could get one? (without travelling to Scarborough?) lol ta x
  5. thanks steve but it was acually my dad who had a look at it and said it was the sump - that is why i was going to go to scrappy and buy a new one and whatever else i need and then see how much it would cost a mecahnic to fix it for me, any ideas?? x
  6. does anyone know a mechanic that wont charge the earth that will come out and check it out and (if i get the things i need to repair it!) will repair it?? thanks x
  7. well my mates brother has said he can fix it for me so looks like i will just go to scrappy at weekend and get a new sump - sorry, what do i actually need to get from the scrap yard then?
  8. it was seeping through and coming out very quickly - the day before it was full (oil) the day it started leaking, when i got it home it was on the minimum line - it has since carried on leaking out. so cant drive it anyway i dont think it will be worth the risk!! is it easy to replace the sump?? x
  9. right i will show my mum this thread about the laptop as i do not understand any of what you are saying (sorry) not clued up on PCs etc. in question to number 2 - i drove the car home while it was leaking but by the time i had got home there was still some oil left in it, so i havent drove the car with no oil in it so i am guessing there should be no damage to the engine!! with the sump is it easy to fix, i cant drive the car to a garage as it has no oil in it now, or barely any, any more help would be very grately appreciated!! thank you x
  10. right, number 1!! i recently bought a laptop and bought with it a wireless router, i got it home and set it up etc etc and connected the wireless router to our home PC - everything has been fine with it but now my mum is complaining saying that she cannot get on certain things and her internet is slow - she seems to think this is because of the wireless router and so keeps disconnecting it - they never told me at the shop it would do anything to the home PC as i asked he said it would make no differnence. my mum is now saying i cannot have the wireless router connected because of what it is doing to her home PC - is this correct, has anyone else had any problems and is there a way round it, or have i just blown £500 for no reason??? number 2!! my car started leaking on Monday, took it to my dads for him to have a look and it was litterely pouring with oil underneath, my dad had a look and said that it was the 'sump' or something that had eroded and the oil was seeping through, i was thinking of just shoving it on e-bay or taking it to the scrapyard but other than that there is nothing else wrong with the car and i would like to keep it BUT not if its going to run into hundreds to replace the 'sump?' - can anyone advise me how do i go about fixing the problem and how much it is likely to cost? thanks in advance girls and boys!!
  11. we still have got no telephone - we are in S6
  12. we are in Hillsborough and i have heard that the elec might not be on for another 3-4 days, anyone know if this is true????
  13. Anyone know if either of these two pubs will be open tonight?? i have tried both telephone numbers, park isnt even ringing (cant imagine they will be as i live round corner and we have no elec!) and yew tree is just ringing and ringing but they have elec round there as a mate lives a few houses up from yew tree!!!!
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