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  1. I just found this old post, did you ever get a group together? I'd love to be involved if you ever did.
  2. Hi there, I see this is really really old, but did you manage to find anyone to share some German conversation with? I'm also looking for people though I'm only learning the language. :-) Ta Jen
  3. Thanks for the replies. I already have tutor who is great, I'm learning German, but what I'd like is to find other people who are also learning to meet up and practice with maybe over a nice cup of tea.
  4. Bit of a long shot, but is anyone interested in doing some practice this evening? I'm looking for someone to feed to me for a bit. Let me know if you'd be interested. Ta!
  5. Hiya, I'm looking to find other language learners in Sheffield who might want to meet up and practice speaking - I wondered if it was worth starting a new interest sub group? Thanks :-) Jen
  6. Hi, My young female adult tabby has been missing since Friday 26th Sept 2014 from the Morrisons area on Langsett Road Hillsborough. She's a timid short haired tabby, with white paws and white belly. If you've seen her please get in touch! Thanks
  7. Sorry folks I can't make this evening as my knee injury has not fully healed. Really sorry if you were still hoping to get a mixed team together but I'm not ok to play on it yet which I'm pretty miffed about!. :-( Jen
  8. I'd like to sign up for this evening also please! :-) Jen M
  9. I try to get weekend badminton in when I can, I'm often away but can usually get one in on a Sunday evening, normally I do that at concord.
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