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  1. I have used Stattler for the past 2 years ! brilliant and honest (which is refreshing after having to deal with Porsche).
  2. thanks but I am not looking for someone to play dance music. I am looking for someone to play the usual stuff but mixing it in and dropping bits in after a chorus etc..... heard it at another wedding and it was unreal !
  3. Hi, I am looking for a DJ to play at our wedding but dont want a run of a mill DJ who plays CDs with lots lights, smoke machines and who talks over the tracks. I am looking for someone who can mix the tracks (not necessary dance) and add samples, extra beats etc. can anyone help ??? Thanks
  4. we are looking for some people to play at our wedding so if you have any demos or anything please let me know.
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend some software and where i can buy it from. I am looking to make some dance music on my PC and would like some software to do this. I would like some good kit but if i am honest I have no idea what I am looking for. I have used fruityloops in the past but would prefer something a bit more professional. I dont have any instruments so I will need the software to have a wide range of samples (drums, beats etc etc). Also aoes anyone know of a shop in Sheffield that sells this type ofstuff where i could go and look and chat to someone face to face ? One more thing I read is that cubase etc. are quite hard to use so does anyone know anywhere in Sheffield that teaches this (or does anyone want to do a private session). Final thing as I said I have a PC right now but would a Mac be better to use this type of software ? Thanks
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help with a bit of advice to which music production software is the easiest but the best... looking for bedroom use only but would like a good finish on the tracks. thanks
  7. she could drive and park further out in greystones and walk 10mins to the site
  8. just been thinking, with the current housing market it may be better to keep our house and rent it rather than sell it. any finance people on here advise on good buy to lets or if this is a good idea right now.
  9. yes been a few times, real good. Watched England match there as well, loads of TVs about.
  10. what complete tosh some people talk. Your house will be over priced, check it out on rightmove and compare to others that are similar.
  11. try russell 01142811311 - done two of my houses now, really good
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