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  1. When this store first opened, sometime in the late 60s as I recall, it was originally as a supermarket. I believe it was Tesco. My Wife, who is from Darnall, remembers it opening. She seems to recall that it was opened by the Beatles. I was working in Darnall at the time and seem to remember some excitement about its opening. Can anyone please confirm.
  2. Seems like hogging the outside lane is an epidemic that seems to affect a great number of drivers in Sheffield. Who taught these to drive? they obviously have no conception of correct lane discipline. They hog the right hand lane maybe because they have to turn right a mile ahead our frightened to use the left hand lane because there is a vehicle parked in it ten miles ahead!
  3. Are Sheffield drivers ignorant as to the proper use of bus lanes? Most of these (Ecclesall and Abbydale Roads are open to ALL traffic except at times clearly shown on roadside signs, and usually applies Moday to Friday only. I regularly use these routes and am suprised at how many drivers wont use them outside these times. Also it is a test failure to not use them when allowed. It indicates a lack of observation and knowledge of the Highway Code.
  4. Nothing wrong with dogs but I do wish that owners would train them not to jump up. Its not everybody who appreciated having their clothes and legs muddied up by unleashed dogs. Some ow.ers actually think its funny!
  5. I remember train spotting with friends at Victoria in the early 60s when steam was still around mixing with the electrics. We would sometimes access the station up the steps from the Wicker. There was also a lift there but I can never remember it working. Are there any remains of these. There was also an iron foot bridge from the station concourse across Furnival Road (on the city side of the arch) with steps down to street level as I remember. I cant remember the actual date of removal. If you stand on Furnival Road and look up over the arch where the road passes under the site, there are still visible scars where this bridge was attached to the stonework.
  6. Nice to see the masses using their right to protest. Things have never been right since Margaret Thatcher came to power!
  7. On seeing a recent program, The Reel History of Britain, an episode was broadcasted from Park Hill Flats. This set my wife and I thinking, what are/were the landing names. Park Hill, we believe are, in ascending order, Pavement (Shopping Area), Gilbert, Hague Row, Long Henry Row & Norwich Row. Please confirm or correct. Hyde park was more difficult to remember as there were four separate complexes. Names like Dacre, Stepney Gardens & St Johns Gardens come to mind. I Believe, however, that the largest block had names that ran in alphabetical order in ascending order, the top floor being St Johns Garden. Could someone please help and put us out of our misery!
  8. Thank you for your reply. Having looked on Google earth for the location given and the location of the address given on the credit review, I note that they appear to be residential addresses. However, the credit review address, In Crookes, appears to have a very large garden with what looks like a workshop in the corner. Could the locomotives have been built there?
  9. Does anyone know of the existence of a company by this name? Is it still trading and where is/was it located? I believe the company built miniature steam and diesel locomotives for the Isle of Mull railway in the '80s. Any information would be appreciated.
  10. Conkers definitely work. Been using them for two years but they have to be replaced every year. Clumber park here we come. I recall reading an article some while back about chestnut wood. Evidently, spiders wont live near it as there is a resin in it that spider find distasteful. Fill your homes with chestnut furniture maybe!
  11. I agree. There has been a feature about this on Watch Dog if I remember rightly. The message was plain and clear. DON'T PAY!
  12. On the M1 a few years back. L10NEL (Lionel) cant remember what car it was.
  13. The atmosphere grabs you round the shoulders like an old friend!
  14. Expand the tram system to at least the size of the old on closed in 1960. one of the best things to happen in Sheffield in recent years!
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