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  1. When the "Lane" was being redeveloped in to a football only stadium, I seem to recall a mystery about a very old, very large, solid one piece table in the committee room of the old pavilion going missing one night during the demolition of said pavilion. It was thought the table was put in place and then the walls were constructed during the original building of the pavilion. The mystery being that it was too large and heavy to be moved without proper lifting gear and there was no way of taking it out without knocking an opening through a wall or taking the roof out. No opening was knocked out of any wall and the roof was still there when the contractors appeared the following morning - when I left Sheffield in the early eighties the mystery was still unsolved.
  2. Oil man, I remember playing against Grimesthorpe CC, there was also Grimesthorpe Old Boys, Leadmill used to be in the N&D league, other teams I remember were - Sykes CC; Daniel Doncasters, NALGO; GPO; Firth park Meths; Hatfield House; Handsworth Meths; Little Matlock; Crookes and many more that I'm struggling to remember now. Also the mid-week Alliance where the norm was 15 eight ball overs to save time during the turnround between overs. As you say what happened to the N & D league? also the mid week alliance league. Perhaps more to the point why were all these clubs allowed to fade away without trace?
  3. Came across this link posted by "Tiffy" way back in early 2006.I don't know if there have been any follow ups. From memory this photo was taken at Barmouth, Wales during a week long school camp at Whitsuntide in 1964. The following year we did it again - only this time the girls were allowed!!!!!!! Faces I think I recognise are:- Back row; from left:- Tim Streeter (lab' technician);2nd left, Mr. Neal (PE teacher); 5th left, Colin Gregory; 8th left, Mr. Mellor (who was already teaching at Colley at the time); I think it is Stuart Barton next; Mr. Blowers; David Holroyd; Kevin Jones and George Gill. I think the lady was Mr. Neals girlfriend? Next row down. Is that Glen Thorpe with the jazzy sweater? Further along is Stewart Saxton; Alan Hale; Pete Staniforth (hiding) and Rodney Bailey. I think second from right in the next row down is Malcolm Smith with the lovely fringe!!!! Great memories of a magic week.
  4. Kellylou, Sorry to disappoint but it wasn't us that did a "bunk". If memory serves right I think this lot were called Grey/Gray and my parents exchanged with them to move to Bristol. The Grey/Gray clan bought an old van to move themselves left a room full of stuff in the old house in Bristol. On the way to Sheffield they were stopped by the police near Chesterfield and it turns out they did not have a driving licence between them, the police contacted dad and gave him a lift to the place where the police had stopped the rogues and he had to drive the van to Holgate. By which time all there stuff was in the lorry waiting to go, time for a quick cuppa and then mum & dad left. I stayed in Sheffield until moving to Hampshire in '85.
  5. Kelvinlad, Spot on about Jim, do not know where about in Rotherham, I can recall after some branch nights I gave him a lift into the bus station in Rotherham. "Wadey" was a sparky at River Don Works (north area maintenance) and lived somewhere on the way up to Graves Park.
  6. Brown Cow on the wicker was where the old ETU - EPTU; EEPTU after bailing out plumbing, and electronics unions out and amalgamating - held there branch nights. Every second Wednesday if memory serves. Jim Staniforth was secretary and D.J. (Joe) Wade was treasurer. Anyone recall these guys and where they are now?
  7. stevenorfolk - do you remember the electrician at Hemmings, Alan Jones? I think he left some time around early seventies. Also a very friendly youngish guy who drove a three wheeler - maybe an early Reliant. I believe Hemmings also had a place around Fox Hill/Wadsley area.
  8. Apologies for a SENIOR moment I appear to have "doubled up"
  9. I remember the Claymore in the mid late sixties being run by the Keys - Dorothy & Richard (I think) they had a stunning daughter - long auburn hair - whose boyfriend/husband drove a flash sports car - at least it was in those days. A bar at street level and one upstairs with accommodation for the Keys above that in an apartment. The clientelle were in the main more mature sensible customers, the premier beer being Tartan at 2/3 or 2/6 a pint. I remember seeing my old maths teacher Mr. Burgin (see Colley school) one night in there and calling him sir, he replied "you left school years ago call me Tony" I think that after leaving the Claymore the Keys ran a pub somewhere at the back of the City Hall for a while. Occasional lock ins for the staff at the w/e, all the doors were locked, and after about an hour a knock on the doors meant the local beat plod were checking "to see if all was well" after a quick tipple they were satisfied and went on there way.
  10. Back in the mid late sixties The Claymore was run by the Keys - Dorothy & Richard (I think that was his first name), they had a stunning daughter with long auburn hair whose boyfriend/husband had a flash sports car - at least it was in those days. Tartan bitter was the premier beer (scottish version of draft Double Diamond) at 2/3 or 2/6 a pint. It had a bar at street level and one upstairs. The Keys lived on the top floor in secure apartment. The customers were mainly the more mature responsible type and it was generally the place to be in those days. The cellars were downstairs but no bar accessable from the small road at the side of the Odeon.
  11. Sorry TEDMUNKS, none of the names you mention ring any bells, however I do remember a teenager - can't recall the name - from that part of Holgate who went to Colley and used to practise a trumpet or trombone. That would be mid sixties (ish). I do remember the "Black Hill" aptly named because it only had two street lamps - both at the top near Deerlands. I also recall the shop and chippie being built and digging out holes in the bank at the rear of the houses and covering them with corrugated sheet and anything else that was handy to make dens. Went back there on a nostalga trip earlier this year, suprised to find you can't go all the way down Holgate Road (past the steel houses) to Colley Road. A whole new estate is now there, and what are they doing to Deerlands?
  12. kellylou82, that would be number 58. We moved into that house in '60, I left in '68, mum and dad stayed until 75. Prior to us a couple caled Bosack lived there.
  13. Further down Holgate Road was:- Betts; Hazelhurst; Jackson; Campbell; Dinnigin; Jowett and on the odd numbers Liddell (next to the eight foot), Hogan, Thomas (3 boys Roy, Glen and Alan), Yellops and on the corner with Holgate Crescent was the Morris's and somewhere opposite them livedthe Sanderson twins. On Holgate Avenue opposite Margestone in a four block (I think) was Louis Thorpe and at the other end near Colley Road was Ian Bailey. I think and hope I have the names and location right if not no doubt I'll be corrected.
  14. As I recall, season '66 - ;67 after the '66 world cup, the song was - aye aye aye aye Springet is better than Yashim, Dave Ford is better than Eusebio and Mobley is better than Rattin. Re Wednesday v Chelsea in the cup that season if Tambling had connected properly Springet would have saved it, as it was he miss hit it and it bounced off his shin and bobbled into the net. Chelsea had covered the pitch and dried it out to make it rock hard thinking that this would be better for the play makers at Stamford bridge, after Wednesday had beaten them on a quagmire at Villa Park in the semi the previous year. This was the start of the era of the big centre forwards, Wednesday had just bought John Ritchie and Tony Hateley was playing for Chelsea. Ron Davies was playing for Southampton and Wyn Davies for Newcastle, Astle for West Brom -"I think!!!!!!)
  15. Miss Lester became Mrs. Crowe; there was a Mr. Mellor don't know about Miss Mellor; Miss Innocent (girls PE) married about '65?; Mr. Copley followed by Mr. Neal followed by Mr. Seymour (boys PE); Mr. Jackson (geography) as said before was very highly stressed and left sometime around '63; Mr. Schofield (metalwork): Pupils about this time - Roy & Glen Thomas; Chris Yellops; Keith Newton; Glen Parrot; John Foster; Colin Gregory; Tony Reith; Mick Naylor; Louis Thorpe; Stuart Barton; David Holroyd; Chris Holton; Susan Gilbertson; Jean Flint; Hazel Marsden and many more too numerous for these pages.
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