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  1. https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!1s0x4879839fae25e559%3A0x97c96fba8bfe1e38!3m1!7e115!5sGoogle Search!15sCgIgAQ&hl=en&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMYeIqmM1jIHVhjD6gPG2sP_E38nhYdbu4CBuBb There is an image flying round today of a comedy night above a pub in Sheffield at the weekend which massively violated COVID 19 restrictions in terms of social distancing. The compere is bent down talking to a man who only about two feet from him, and the stage is right next to the first table. No matter what you think of the rights and wrongs of lockdown and distancing, it's just things like this that will let them lock us down for ever isn't it?
  2. I agree, it's a nice story and it was a brilliant day, but I've just watched a lot of the coverage. Dan Walker says that Tony has tended the Memorial for 50 years. The MP in the house of commons says he's done it for 75 years! Now it turns out that he popped by every now and then in the last 4 years. The story is more about Dan Walker. Why didn't he check? Now Tony is being flown all over the world and getting all sorts of honours and he has unwittingly been led by the nose by the bbc.
  3. It's obvious that we should vote again. The result in June was a suicide note that most people didn't understand. Our old and uneducated in parts of the country that benefit most from EU membership voted out whilst our young, intelligent educated folk who have jobs and understand what the Union means voted to stay. Either the deal we have will become so watered down (most likely) that it won't feel like we've left, or we'll vote again. Already the EU tells us that there is no special deal on financial passporting which means that most of the City of London will follow Goldman Sachs to Frankfurt or Paris, and our most stupid will shout "Good riddance to the bankers" as they take their £75bn a year tax bill with them. Cornwall, which voted to leave, has already asked for special treatment as it now realises that the only industry that it has relies on freedom of movement. They won't get it. Iain Duncan Smith, who talked of a bright new future if we left Europe's clutches last week told us that British business would have to learn to "get by" in the brave new world. Robert Peston showed us the fact that Britain is second to last in EU growth forecasts next year, only above Italy, and the FT this week did an independent study that shows that since the referendum, Britain has lost £350m a week. Anything else is a lie. Ford tell us that if we go to WTO rules, they will lose a billion pounds a year. That'll be jobs. People go on about BMW will always want to sell us cars, but what will happen to their market? It's going. Council tax up 6%, Inflation up 3%, house prices continuing to rise in the south, 1%pay rises, who is buying BMWs? The Chinese, that's who. Manvers was built on EU money, so is a lot of University space. S Yorks relies on the money we get from the EU, as we are a net benefactor. We would not be a net benefactor from Westminster. They didn't answer the Irish Question, they kicked it down the road. Why is a UK citizen born in Belfast allowed to travel the continent freely, but one born in Barnsley may not be? They've not even broached Gibraltar yet, and Spain won't let that lie, and the fabled WTO rules will only apply to us if we give the Falklands to Argentina. That's the real kicker. These so called "patriots" who voted to leave, give us this scenario. When we can't work out a deal with the EU, we will need to go onto WTO tariffs or not trade. Argentina have repeatedly said that they will veto that unless we give them the Falkland Islands, a group of Islands that cost 250 servicemen their lives in the 80s, and is thought to be responsible for 100 military suicides since. To honour our brave soldiers, these "patriots" are prepared to risk giving away all they fought for. And why? Because they don't like what they've heard about Page Hall. And if you don't believe me, look to last week's news. NHS, Home Office and HMRC have already started referring to The Falkland Islands as Las Malvinas on websites. People voted to leave because tax avoiding billionaires like Murdoch and Rothermere told them to, because they know that a UK with no European working time directive will make them and their mates more money. There isn't a single compelling argument for leaving the world's largest trading bloc, and we won't end up doing it.
  4. There is now way this will bring down the council. Most people in the city don't care about trees being taken down when they are being replaced. They would rather talk about the abject poverty and inequality that exists. If you live in Page Hall, you will die 17 years earlier than ones of these people protesting outside their massive houses. If you are using a food bank on the Manor, you don't even know that S11 exists. The people of S11 know that these problems exist, they just ignore them.
  5. So Tramlines has been repeatedly tweeting that tickets are almost sold out. Get them while you still can. So I did, only to find that this week they've put an offer on through The Star that means they are now 30% cheaper. Also, looking at the website I notice that they are now styling themselves as a "daytime festival", so if you want to go to anything after 9 on Saturday night you need another ticket. Whats happening?
  6. So, the rumour at work this morning is that Toby Foster has left radio sheffield to stand as Labour MP for Barnsley now that Michael Dugher has stood down. It makes sense, he's been off work for a month, and was tweeting that he was in London this week. What do you make to it? Two Points 1• Could he keep the radio job or would it be too much? George Osbourne edits a newspaper as well as being MP. 2• Do you think he'd be any good? He's a sensible bloke, I'd certainly vote for him. Bee
  7. Quite agree. Cameras should be on every dashboard. In fact, they soon will be.
  8. Is that still open? Wonderful old cinema.
  9. What good would that do? Prison, for someone who is addicted can be a great respite. Three squares a day, showers, medical help, lots of drugs. Why not help them instead, it'd be cheaper all round.
  10. Radio Sheffields target audience is 50-80 year olds.
  11. I would imagine they're waiting to see what people on here think.
  12. At least the bloke who covered for him on Saturday is totally not racist.
  13. Eh? This is an internet discussion board. Surely youre allowed to have an opinion that differs from someone else? And whats the point of complaining about Radio Sheffield on here? Why not complain to them? I won't complain. I love Toby.
  14. I honestly think some people are stuck in the past. The Breakfast programme is very good and informative as is Howard Pressman. Lots of local stuff, along with a bit of humour. As for his interview with the Doncaster Mayor, didn't he win lots of awards for that?
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