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  1. Hi everyone who has looked at this thread and put in your worthy pennyworths. Please,if you wish,continue your interest in us on geevesbrewery.com with it`s e mail link. I am just the old mum now in the background,quietly slipping away into gardening and embroidery. NOT. But this brewery has found it`s legs now, and does not need me on the forum. I do voluntary cask and floor washing now and again, but after a brilliant Launch Do last Saturday it is up to Harry and Pete Geeves now to make beers that you will come across and like. All the best and Thankyou, Suzanne Geeves
  2. Hope to see you at the Huntsman,Thurlstone 17th for the launch. x
  3. Yes, approving nods this end and...what does it taste like...?!! Let us know, won`t you, when it is ready and you`ve tried it.
  4. More beer choices a coming. We spent loads of time last night thinking of a name for a black 6% stout.It was originally devised and refined a couple of years ago on our boat `Watermusic`. But what to call the damn thing...We have a few great photos we can manipulate to do with tunnels..think... black... think coal..think.. black Stout..Tunnel End,Tunnel Drip.Jetty Black,Starboard Stout..Nope!!!! Still got our Thinking Caps on. We have always called it Smokey Jo cos we made close contact with it one night on the Cut by a smokey fire.But that name is too much a pet name and definitely does not have anything to do with the beer. You try,..it`s not as easy as you think.
  5. Just read your article. Thankyou for your input. It is just not us I`m sorry to say. It is slick business speak. We do not want that. I would hate to offend you. But we don`t want to enter the world of commercialism unless on our particular terms. Our terms seem to be, let people know about our beer and us, full stop
  6. hi Chris.Please get onto http://www.geevesbbrewery.co.uk and use the contact e mail. I`ll tell you why,.they are very busy and shouts from me are not quite dealt with as quickly: They are literally fielding e mails and calls till midnight.They are interested in your offer. Harry is doing his fourth year at Uni in mid September and will be less available then to help his Dad. Tell us why you would like to volunteer to put in some hours..are you bored and retired ? Are you thinking of getting into the business yourself ? ...if so whichever ..fine by us !
  7. LOVE to know what you are up to to now. Just nice to get your response as a student.
  8. OUR BIG LAUNCH...The Huntsman,Thurlstone, near Penistone. Saturday evening 17th September. Geeves Brewery beers will be on and we are planning to have food and music. We can all meet each other finally. Sheffieldites on this site could even get together for taxis? I am disappointed that it is in the middle of nowhere for alot of us. (apologies to Thurlstone which is the centre of the universe to many) There is Geeves Brewery beer available in Sheffield though. We had Tiller Girl and Bow Hauler on at The Fat Cat which has been holding a Beer Festival and our beers were the FIRST BEERS to sell out.!!!!! So although people wanted to sup the new kid on the block, they blinking well kept coming back for more I presume.!! The Fat Cat`s cellar is so full that we have had to make way for other beers during this festival time. But we should be on at The Harlequin and The Shakespeare in the next week to 10 days. We deliver our beers on Wednesday. PS. You lifted our spirits Sheffandy.!!! Want to see you there !!
  9. We really respect where you are coming from. Food for thought. More later. Any other thoughts ? Also what does IMHO mean ?
  10. Thankyou !!! Check out The Huntsman`s opening times, they have a great website : http://www.thehuntsmanthurlstone.co.uk .LOVE to see your thoughts on Tiller Girl. Andy The Landlord says it is` very nice` in a text....not giving away much is he, so Give us the Poncy beer talk of vanilla and grapefruits will you....or what it is you do taste.!!
  11. Sounds very interesting.We don`t do lagers at the moment..how is your restaurant going? What is it called ?
  12. Thankyou Bill , for helping me out there. I URGE EVERYONE TO LOOK AT YOUR PHOTO`S ON THE WEBSITE YOU MENTIONED ABOVE, http://www.flickr.com/photos/peak4 WOW !!!!!! STUNNING !
  13. firstly I must correct our website address. It is http://www.geevesbrewery.co.uk. I read your link with interest. We have picked a narrowboat theme as we have lived on one as a family for many years,still have one,have done the length and breadth of the country in it and first brewed beer on it. So our beers are all named after narrow boating themes. If we wanted to get onto the worst beer clip names (which is not a bad idea ) how about Stern Gland Greaser. Yep, Pete went on a course for that when he was learning about narrowboat engines..
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