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  1. Right boys n girls! Our big return is only 2 weeks away! Who's comin? If ya are, have ya got ya tickets?? If you haven't....get them now!! Before you miss out 😉 Tickets from - https://www.corporation.org.uk/gig/2317/Silverjet+at+Corporation+on+19+January+2019 We'll have new songs, old songs...older songs, loud ass guitars, huge drums and bass like a mutha <removed>!! Bring ya dancing shoes!!!! xx https://www.facebook.com/events/718221981890955/
  2. Hi, please read the National Debtline factsheet on High Court Enforcement. It will tell you exactly what your rights are and what you need to do. https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/Pages/31%20EW%20High%20Court%20enforcement/Default.aspx If the link doesn't work just search 'high court' on the website.
  3. Hi, Places Gym at Crystal Peaks do Les Mills classes. You have to be a member to do the classes though, you can't just attend.
  4. Hi matey, that was me. Don't worry bout the gloves, they were just a spare set. I had a bit more fun pushing cars up the road after you went...then a few well deserved chocolate biscuits; -)
  5. That's the thing really...it's going with what is best for you and your situation to be honest. You will never get "the sound" using a solid state BUT, you will get something that resembles it and that might well do for your situation. IF you were to go for either the Orange Tiny or the SubZero i would go with the Tiny all day long. They are pretty damn sweet sounding amps. My bassist (plays guitar too) has one and it does sound very very good! Simplest of simple amps but it does a great job! If you're sticking with the solid state then your best bet maybe to grab yourself a nice od pedal (overdrive, not distortion) like the sweet baby by Joyo that I mentioned before. Dirt cheap pedals but sound fantastic. I use 2 of them but, I do use it with a tube amp so not entirely sure of the results with a solid state.
  6. I've been playing for a fair while and I have had solid state and tubes amps. I think for what you are after you definitely need tube. You don't need to have the same kinda amp as what those guys used to use to get that "Free" type sound. If you get a decent tube amp with a good drive channel then you'll get close to it. I would say avoid distortion channels and pedals and stick with driving the amp...or there are some very nice drive pedals out there (Sweet Baby by Joyo...only about £30 new and amazing!). I have a good 20w tube amp up for sale if you fancy a look...let me know. It's switchable between 3 and 20w for home and stage use! So you can really crank it ---------- Post added 10-07-2014 at 22:29 ---------- Oh should have said...the amp I have for sale is a Hayden and its £180 in great condition!
  7. Hi guys! Sheffield band Silverjet require a new Bass Player. Need to be committed, have own transport and own decent quality gear. We've been around for quite a while and continue to make a good name for ourselves on the the underground scene. We've got dates booked in from March and there will be plenty more throughout the year. Our style is definitely rock and all original songs. Influences are quite varied so, best to check us out for yourself! http://www.facebook.com/silverjetmusic and http://www.silverjetmusic.co.uk Hope to hear from ya! :-) Cheers x
  8. Loads of JD stuff in BHS at the moment. I recently bought a JD harmonica for my friend who is also obsessed
  9. Look for Jessica Jane cakes on Google. Local & awesome cakes!
  10. Hi, I know Sweet Cyanide guys well. If you PM me your name and email I will see if they can sort something out for you. Ta Dave
  11. Do you mean the Stardust Bar above the Cutlers? We're having a party there at the end of the month, holds 400 we've been told. We just called in and were taken on a tour by the manager, she was really helpful.
  12. I have some bricks you can come and collect and also in S12
  13. No probs. If you don't mind me asking, who tried to charge you £75? Some places are just out of order the way they try to rip people off!
  14. Hi I'm guessing this is a steal string acoustic guitar. Is it a plastic bridge piece fitted to a wooden bed? £75 does defo sound a bit much just to re set the bridge piece. Did they say whether or not they need to replace any of the parts? If it is just a case of gluing the bridge that is well over top. You might be able to do it yourself...If it is a stip of plastic(or maybe wood depending on age of guitar) a few mm thick that sits on a piece of wood then there is prob a slight groove where it sits...so could just glue it back in. If it is actually the whole of the bridge that has come away from the body of the guitar, then again, there is prob a marking left from the old glue that will guid you where to re position and glue back in to place. If you do need to take it somewhere then Wavelength are normally pretty good and not too expensive. I personally wouldn't think it should cost more than £20-£30 ish. Hope you get it sorted. Dave
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