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  1. In my recent endeavours at bread baking I was not able to replicate the taste of my grandmother’s brad cakes..I seem to remembered the yeast was called balm and was the texture of firm putty..Am I mistaken, when I google“balm” there is no indication it is yeast

  2. There used to be a bake shop on Parkside Rd.When I was going to Hillsborough infants school, must have been  around  1945 I was given milk money,I think it was a penny.

    I used to walk up Parkside Rd to school.We would sometimes buy  a tea cake with the milk money At the bake shop
    By the way there was a photo on the BBC Sheffield website showing 75 anniversary by some residents of Parkside Rd

  3. 7 hours ago, hillsbro said:

    It was actually the Centre Spot on Snig Hill that opened some time before 1964. The buildings there were demolished in 1971 and so it by then must have moved to King Street, as shown in the April 1971 photo. Here is a link to a scan from a 1970 Kelly's directory showing businesses on that part of Snig Hill. https://i.postimg.cc/6QqG1xY7/001.jpg

    I must have a huge gap in my memory.I remember Red Circle library.Leyland paints.Was it Avery scales, a candy store.Too many dead brain cells in my 81 year old head

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