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  1. Reading of the death of Ned Beaty who played Joseph Locke in ,Hear my song. Was Joseph Locke ever at the Empire?
  2. I always thought dried eggs were a major component.
  3. The first suit I ever owned came from there, must have been about 1954
  4. At 89 but still I sad loss.I think ‘ Sing a song of Basie’ Is still one of the best jazz vocal albums ever made
  5. Up North? Hardly ,S W Ontario
  6. In my recent endeavours at bread baking I was not able to replicate the taste of my grandmother’s brad cakes..I seem to remembered the yeast was called balm and was the texture of firm putty..Am I mistaken, when I google“balm” there is no indication it is yeast
  7. There used to be a bake shop on Parkside Rd.When I was going to Hillsborough infants school, must have been around 1945 I was given milk money,I think it was a penny. I used to walk up Parkside Rd to school.We would sometimes buy a tea cake with the milk money At the bake shop By the way there was a photo on the BBC Sheffield website showing 75 anniversary by some residents of Parkside Rd
  8. The newsagents I do remember. I used to buy my cigarette Tabasco and liquorice rolling paper there, along with the Daily Worker and the Daily Telegraph
  9. I must have a huge gap in my memory.I remember Red Circle library.Leyland paints.Was it Avery scales, a candy store.Too many dead brain cells in my 81 year old head
  10. I must have a memory block.For the life of me I cannot remember this cafe. I must have been up and down Snig Hill hundreds of times from 1945 to 1966 was it opened after 1966?
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