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  1. We have nobody to have our son if my partner went full time as there's only my partners parents and they both still work. We are OK for the odd day in the week as my partners parents work shifts leaving us unable to commit any set hours. Thanks for replying.
  2. Hi everyone. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place but was just looking for a bit of advice. First of all I'm a male. Me and my partner have a gorgeous 10 month old boy. Both me and my partner work, me in full time and my partner works part time for the NHS. My job is extremely unstable. Some weeks I work 40 hours, some 30, some as low as 20 so as you can imagine, we never know where we stand from one week to the next. My partner has just been offered a full time job with excellent career prospects but we are struggling with child care. It would make sense to if I were to quit my job, or find a part time job and look after our child. but I'm not sure where we would stand with benefits etc. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  3. Hi all.. Got my shiny new ps4... But don't have any friends on it yet... everyone seems to have gone xbone.. wondered if anyone will send me some friend requests.. My ps4 Id is Teddy_t_eagle_2. Only games I've got at the moment are cod ghosts and killzone. Cheers all.
  4. Hi all. Me,the missus,my step daughter...and my 4 week old son (21st November..) Are looking for somewhere to go for our Xmas day dinner..as the weeks leading up to Xmas day are going to be quite hectic as you can imagine... Anyone any ideas where to go as none of us have ever gone out for Xmas dinner before ...we live in the s6 area. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated and will be thanked....
  5. What did everyone think of the ps4 even then? It's going to be a tidy piece of kit by the looks of it. Love the social integration.
  6. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knows what time the park hotel in Hillsborough opens for us normal folk on a match day as I understand that you can't get in without a pass/season tickets on match day.
  7. Sod it, Asda cooked chicken it is!! Thanks for all the replies everyone.
  8. Many thanks for the replies. Do you know anywhere nice in the s6 region?
  9. Hi all. Anyone been to park hotel in hillsborough for Sunday dinner? If so, was just wondering what it was like. Thanks.
  10. The multiplayer maps on MW3 are extremely poor. Been playing cod since MW and got to say MW3 is the worst in the series. didn't have much faith in it when activision announced sledgehammer were developing the game. Treyarch MW games are much better...and have zombie mode!!! Black ops 2 will be better....hopefully!!
  11. Also, anyone wants to leave there psn id on here you're more than welcome.
  12. Hi all. Just indulged in a ps vita....gotta say I love it. Having owned a 3ds this machine is by far the better one of the 2. Anyway just wondered if there are any other ps vita owners in Sheffield. My psn I'd is : teddy_t_eagle_2 Anyone interested in playing online ( especially when resistance comes out next week ) add me.
  13. thanks for all the help. the phone is only 5 days into a 24 month contract so very much doubt voda will provide unlock code!!...was a bit sceptical about the code websites but now i've had one reccomended, i might give it a try. much aporeciated.
  14. I'm buying a HTC desire HD. It's currently locked to the vodafone network and i'm on O2. Is there anyway to unlock this phone or does anybody know who unlocks them?...If i wanted to obtain the code from the operator...what are my chances?...any help is greatly apppreciated.
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