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  1. weve had a ger shep for 5 months now and settled on mac tho i reckon Deefer is a good name as in D for dog
  2. i have never understood why attempted murder carries a lesser sentence than murder when the intent is the same its almost like a REWARD FOR INCOMPETENCE
  3. join the g.m.b i know im biased being a former shop steward but we got things done
  4. Americans suffering always puts a smile on my face all i need now is to wake up and find the existence of Israel was a bad dream and i may even have a dance
  5. was it around woodhouse i know theres a sett around herre but have yet to see one of them would love to as theyre beautiful animals
  6. you give something a name and every one gets it, most of them are just naughty kids whos parents think sticking a label on them absolves them of parenting responsability. Its rediculous now half the worlds got an ism
  7. adherence to any religion requires a certain amout of insanity after all it requires belief in the unprovable and if i was to wander down the street banging a tambourine and extolling the virtues of goblins and fairies they would lock me up. Religion was created to ease mans fears of death and nothing more
  8. facebook is another way of allowing people to communicate with each other and since when has that been a bad thing? lack of communication causes conflict and mistrust if you dont like it dont use it and also theres a lot more freedom of speech allowed on fb than there is on sheffield forum which really is censored to high heaven One final question if megalithic is so popular how does he find the time to come on here? i suspect hes just a grumpy [removed] billy no mates
  9. even within blocks of flats with a common entrance and communal areas eg sheltered housing tenants are allowed to keep dogs as pets as long as none of the other tenants object so presumably other tenants must have raised an objection, i know this to be the case with sheffield homes as i took voluntary redundancy from them last year if you would like to pm me with more details and tell me who youre dealing with maybe a little inside info may help with your fight to keep your dog
  10. intelligent kind funny witty empathetic erudite nice voice and totally filthy in bed and i found her when i met my wife
  11. giving to charity perpetuates the myth that the capitalist systems works and it doesnt, there is enough moneyin this country for us not to need charity its how the governments choose to spend it. We have been giving to charity for eons and nothing has changed furthermore what exactly do they do with donations? take cancer research who apparently fund resesrch into drugs and fund drug studies but ive never seen any medication manufactured by them and i used to work in a hospital pharmacy! so are they funding drug trials etc for the multinational drug companies because i know full well if i had a great idea researched it and it was a winner i certainly wouldnt let anyone else start manufacturing it and make millions would you? i dont give to charity because as adults we have the ability and right to vote, mobilise and change the system which ultimately is the only way to make a real difference and make the need for charity obsolete p.s i donate to animals and childrens charrities for that reason they dont have a vote and any opportunity to change things they are just lumbered with the **** we created for them
  12. possibly air in your system making the pippes bang try bleeding the radiators if you have a combi boiler is there enough water in the system it may need topping up
  13. i bet you lot are a barrel of laughs to go for a pint with if you had your way we would all still be watching it aint half hot mum and on the busses and what i find REALLY insulting is the idea that you have the right to stick up for others its very presumptious, cant remember who made the joke about soldiers losing limbs in iraq etc but still we will have a cracking team in the paralympics everyone was up in arms about that and yet soldiers who lost limbs thought it was hillarious and lets be honest Jordan deserves everything she gets the useless manipulative owd slapper
  14. the lease was taken over by someone who didnt have a clue what he was doing and now the brewery has taken the keys back and has no plans to do anything with it and the only gigs they could hold would be unplugged as the sound engineer (my mate) has taken all his gear back so if anyone needs a good sound engineer p.m me
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