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  1. Hi Kind of a beginner So either really. Prob piping or modelling havent tried that so not sure about modelling.
  2. Hi. Can anyone recommend anywhere to do cupcake decorating class.? can drive so s35 area. barnsley. hillsborough can do. ? or if there is any good websites. ? magazines would love to do more
  3. Hi Im in s35 area I am trying 2 go out twice a week in a morning while kids are at school I do try 2 go Ecclesfield park which is good. But get put off with oldies walking dogs taking up all the path !! I cant do park runs at weekends but would like to do a club. Is there a day 1 at thorncliffe s35 ? Or around there for beginners Please recommend every1 ? Thanks beth x
  4. Hi Do you do any park runs during the week ? As struggle with Saturday mornings, ?
  5. Hi I'm Beth looking to make friends and also a running buddy. I'm s35
  6. Hi. do you still do this class ? thanks
  7. Hi. has anyone got a contact number or mobile no. for greenspring caravan park at worsborough. probably picking a caravan up in 2 weeks and need to store it somewhere. thanks Beth
  8. Do you jog round the pond bit. Think I need some more practice before it But determined to get there
  9. How far is 1 jog round the park. I didnt mean I would walk all the way round. Prob just 10 seconds !! Is it ok for beginners or do u recommend not. Do you do any other days ?.
  10. Hi. I have been tonight. First time running round hillsborough park. Did a few laps. Walked a bit. Not ran for abou 6 months. Would like to do run on Saturday mornings. But scared as I bound to be left behind ! Is it ok to walk a bit. How far is it exactly round the park ? And do you do the runs all year round even in easter hols., ? thanks
  11. Hi do you still do this at hillsborough. My lo is 3 is there any not in prams or is my lo too old. Do they do any other classes there.
  12. Hi do you still do this running at hillsborough as I would likr to try that. ? thanks beth
  13. Hi, is there any other running ones at Hillsborough. what about a morning one during the week. would struggle with Saturday morning. what and where is the meadowhall one ?
  14. Hi, my oh is not really interested in towing a caravan and we don't have room for one neither. we would like to keep it on a site at filey/scarborough. where we can go for weekends. how much are the site fees. do you know ? are they the same as a static. or if any1 else can recommend a nice place to keep 1.
  15. Hi, where abouts do you do this. ? as I want to be interested. Beth
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