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  1. Hi all I recently bought my son a kymco scooter 125 16 plate it's just stopped running we have tried various things to get it running lights and everything work been told it could be the cdi unit any advice would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hi is they anyone close to s2 that could look at my sons moped plz he's only had it 2weeks and battery keeps going flat it's also had new air filter and still bogging thanks
  3. ive bought a citreon c3 had no stereo in so put 1 in then my central locking wont work any help appreciated had 2 take stereo out
  4. yes u pay by cash for u ukash i use them all time
  5. dog found now reunited with family x
  6. no but got a description of the lad and lass wot was seen with the dog
  7. thankyou very much for your info il pass this on
  8. thanks been reported to police and shes phoned local vets and yes he had a collar on shes still out looking for him i will tell her about doglost thankyou
  9. hi all my friends dog was took of her garden last night he is a staffy pup bringle colour with white down its nose and 2 white paws he answers to the name of jenson it was took from wybourn estate if anyone sees or hears anything plz let us no thanks
  10. hi i get mine online i have toric lens and i used to go to vision express they used to charge me 23pound a month now i pay 28pound for 3months which are monthly lens
  11. do you no if they fix them same day at the one near bramall lane thanks
  12. hi my ps3 as yellow light of death does anyone no anyone that could fix it for me at my home thanks
  13. hi i hired one for a month didnt hardly touch my electric and i checked because got key meter so go for it
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