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  1. If it's affecting you that much, then you should go and see whichever professional treating your diabetes, and have your medication changed to something else. I take 1000mg three times a day (= 3 grams a day), and have none of the problems you describe.
  2. The search button is there for a reason. Why do you feel that you have to be offensive?
  3. When previous threads are only a week or so (sometimes only a few days) old, then why start up a new thread? Recycling is part of this topic, I believe.
  4. Not sure if this will work, because I haven't tried it (the paperclip doesn't really affect me that much). In AVG's Control Centre, click once on the email scanner component, then click on Properties, which opens the component; click on Configure and then remove the tick next to Certify Mail on the Incoming Mail side. Do not remove the tick next to "Check Incoming Mail", as that will stop AVG scanning your mail. Worth a try, if it bothers you that much.
  5. Hasn't this been done before? Oh yes, several times!
  6. This explains a few things from your previous thread, which was practically on the same subject ~ http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=210255 . You've bought a new wireless router, and it's not holding a connection. Have you tried changing the channel on the router from default (usually 1) to something like 10 or 11? Also, check there are no cables anywhere near your router, that could be blocking the signal. Also, how far away from the router are you trying to use your laptop, and are there any obstacles (such as walls or ceilings) in the way?
  7. When he's acting, he seems to be able to speak normally. I lost interest after about the third couple last night. That show just didn't cut it imo. I did watch the results, and the couple who were thrown out were bloody awful when they originally sang, and were pretty much as bad in the sing off.
  8. Whoa....hang on....those side effects are rare, and only a small minority of people on the medication are affected. I take Metformin, and don't have any problems.
  9. Can't you do it yourself with a can of spray paint from Halfords? As long as you know the actual name of the colour of your car, you should be able to match it.
  10. Does the router have a firewall? If it has, it could be blocking msn. Btw, MSN 7.0 is an extremely old version, there's been v. 7.5. 8.0 and 8.1 (Windows Live Messenger) since then. When you say "download", do you mean "open"?
  11. If you have a partner, you could go as Torville and Dean..blades on the skates are bloody sharp, so maybe you could wear roller blades instead.
  12. You may have to resize it ~ there's a size limit for avatars (and I don't think SF incorporates automatic resizing like some other forums), which is quite small imo, so you'll need to make sure your pic is within those limits. EDIT: Most other forums allow 80 x 80 or even 100 x 100 and some up to 25kb, so 50 x 50 is very small in comparison.
  13. We weren't having a dig at you 04jessops ~ just making a suggestion, so that certain regular occurring subjects are easily accessible to anyone who has the same problem.
  14. I have XP Home, and have been running IE7 ever since the first Beta. No IE crashes that I can remember. Only problem I had was when I was installing one of the Betas, and Zone Alarm kept blocking it. BlackVelvet, when you installed IE7, was your firewall running? There is a message before you install IE7 that any firewall should be disabled.
  15. When you reply to a thread, or even start a one, when using the advanced reply box, underneath there is a drop down menu with "Notification Type:" above it. You can stop it there. When I've figured out how to do it permanently, I'll let you know..I've had a look in "Your CP", "Options", but I can't see the box I need to untick, so it must be somewhere else. EDIT:Ah....just found it....in "Your CP", Options, there's a drop down menu under Thread Subscriptions, or something like that. Just alter it to whatever you want.
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