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  1. my mum was in there irene hibbert brothers frank derek sisters dorene and elsie
  2. looking for david t lindley born in sheffield 1947 mother margret green married walter lindley then got divorced
  3. Did you know Margret Lindley she was born about 1920 ish was married to walter Lindley in 1943 and got Divorced in may 1950 her maiden name was margret green thanks for your help
  4. need boot to keep foot firm same as when you have a broken foot right foot size 7 to 8 ish thanks rob
  5. been waiting 18 months for my trees on grass verge to be trimmed as they are growing over my house rang them lots of times but still no show while i have been waiting they have cut 2 trees down across the road and then planted 2 new ones reported one of the new trees as its growing sideways 3 months ago but not been to do this job as well
  6. if you want to know about farm pm your phone number or get mine i will tell you all about it
  7. is it been deliverd to you or another ones door
  8. it was sam eales with great dane and the garage in the yard wife june
  9. LOOKING FOR DAVID T LINDLEY WOMBWELL lived on wlndmill rd for info on family tree thanks rob
  10. looking for any info on david t lindley born 1947 mother margret lindley maden name green dads name walter lindley may have been adopted ?
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