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  1. Getting a few quotes in from the usual big names, but they seem really expensive so far. Has anyone got any recommendations please? Im wary of the cheap websites, but we don't have a huge budget! thanks
  2. Hi, I realise this is very short notice and not sure even if any of you ever offer this service, however I am looking for a nice classic car and driver to take my mum and dad to (and possibly from) their home in chesterfield to his party in Brampton. I will be happy to pay a decent rate for your time and effort, please email me on brokenstarrr@yahoo.co.uk if you may be able to help, or offer a suggestion. I don't want to put my mobile on here but will send by email, thank you
  3. That is really up to him to weigh up, i don't know the full story. He will not need to seek possession and won't incurr further costs if you vacate on the (correctly) given date, which will be at least two months away if your solicitor is correct. Make sure you are not bullied into leaving earlier, harrassment of tenants is a criminal offence. However, if you do decide to stay put please bear in mind he may seek to recover the costs from you.
  4. If you didn't get permission to decorate then he is within his rights to ask for it back as he gave it to you, and can claim for the cost of this if you don't do it. I am guessing that he gave you notice due to the arrears? Try to come to an arrangement for paying this back, agree to paint the walls back as they were, and see if he will reconsider. If not, he will have to re-issue the Section 21 correctly and you will have another two months notice from the date it is re-issued. If you do not leave after this, he will have to obtain a court order to remove you. Your bond is protected in a scheme, and if he wants to have it paid to him he will need to request this and provide proof to back up his claim.
  5. ok, on a bus now. They are running but moving very slowly.
  6. Does anyone know if the 75/76's are running down Woodseats Road today at all? There's nothing on First's website
  7. Yep, setting off an hour earlier and walking. Snow won't stop me
  8. They have some in a shop on Abbeydale Road, next to the door shop, just before Carterknowle Road (if you come from the City Centre).
  9. Does anyone know when the next one will be held please?
  10. Rented property must meet certain standards in order to be deemed habitable and allow landlords to charge rent. Certain points you have raised are concerning, the leak described as 'fountain like' sounds particularly unacceptable. Try contacting the Council's Private Rented Standards department for advice - http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/in-your-area/housing-services/private-sector-housing/private-landlords/contacts and i would get environmental health out to assess whether the property can actually be classed as habitable ASAP. If it is deemed uninhabitable you will be able to leave immediately, and may even be due a rent refund. A landlord has a legal responsibility to make cetain repairs (pipes, structural, their appliances) by law, and must be taken to task if they fail to do this. Any future landlord who sees proof of this situation and is unsympathetic, you probably wouldn't want to deal with anyway. Good luck.
  11. Oooh that's great news, i was just planning my next visit, but this is so much easier!
  12. What may well be happening is that people who have already viewed the properties, before you've even made your appointment, have decided they want it. All you can do is check every day on sites like Rightmove, Findaproperty, Fish4Homes, Gumtree etc., and book a viewing for as soon as you can. You have already sent me an email, so i am keeping my eyes open for something in S20. Good luck with the search
  13. There's loads of people in Sheffield that do them, see the Yell results - http://www.yell.com/ucs/UcsSearchAction.do?scrambleSeed=44246840&keywords=energy+assessor&companyName=&location=sheffield&layout=&searchType=advance&broaderLocation=&clarifyIndex=2&ssm=1&ooa=&M=&rad=&lCOption32=Energy+Performance+Certificates%3AHome+Information+Packs
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