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  1. +1 for Dan Campbell. He cleared my gutters this morning and the downpour we've just had shows he did a great job. Thanks Dan.
  2. Why use a solicitor? The Financial Ombudsman Service will deal with it for free.
  3. Have you bought one recently? If so please pm me, I've just found the remote.
  4. Talking of rodent cars, does anyone remember that VW Beetle that was done up to look like a clockwork mouse? Haven't seen it for years.
  5. Sounds interesting, hope you find a good home for them.
  6. It's like a Facebook party out there today. Loads of blue tits, great tits, coal tits and long tailed tits, a nuthatch, two greenfinches (first time this year), a robin, two goldcrests and a new entry on the list - a pair of chiffchaffs with a youngster in tow. Must be the weather!
  7. Hey good thinking "Have you got any big desk fans please?" "How big?" "Big enough to keep five thousand wasps pinned down in the corner of my loft." Fingers crossed no power cuts ---------- Post added 28-07-2013 at 23:32 ---------- Man from council he say go away. Which means they're all dead now. Which makes me feel like a big ****. But it had to be done.
  8. I think the word is "farmed". Trust me, I know cats
  9. Haha. I'm keeping well away, it's flippin' huge. Might put a couple of jam jars in next door's garden to tempt them out
  10. A moment of reflection between cocktails and "beach patrol" I think balance is all important.
  11. True. And I was sat on a beach in Rhodes last week reflecting that it was happening only 500 miles away. That's like sitting on a beach in Devon while genocide takes place in Scotland. If nothing else, the news reminds us how lucky we are.
  12. You've been waiting 40 years to discover The Rubettes. Does another week really matter?
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