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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. We are desperately trying to organise a wheelchair accessible Taxi for my dad on Sunday. It's a wedding and he's so wanting to be there. I've booked one with City but they can't guarantee they will be able to get us there for the time the wedding starts (we've booked it 2 hours in advance which due to his condition is not helpful at all) Can anyone help or advise?? Thanks in advance x
  2. I'd firstly like to know if the op has a child at Ecclesfield or any personal experience of the school? You refer to the school as delivering 'Britains got talent' entrants and finger painters? This is a very flippant and utterly stupid sweeping statement. Yes, there was a student who did very well in such a contest, however if you actually took time to gather facts, was taking private singing lessons in an acadamy, applied for the show independently and did extremely well. Yes, he had moral support from the school community and it was an exciting time for his friends and family. The school does specialise in performing arts, but it also offers every other subject available within a secondary school, including maths, science, triple science, languages, humanities, English, English literature, technology, computer studies. Music and drama are taught in Y7,8 & 9 and also offered as an option from Y10 onwards, please note OPTION. If the school wished to pride itself on teaching mathematics, I'm sure it could, every child has the option to learn. Now, let me address your desire to strip the school of its arts. Children are gifted in all manner of ways, including the arts. You clearly do not have any understanding of the difficulty in learning an instrument, or the skill, dedication and work required. To use materials to create something beautiful is a skill that requires a solid understanding and hard work. For many children who struggle with academics such as maths & science it provides hope and self worth, as well as a glimmer of hope. Please do not refer to such children as 'finger painters', that is completely ignorant. You also refer to the teachers as idiots? So, the maths teachers and physics teachers who have studied all those years at school, college and university, the ones you so outwardly encourage, are idiots now? Yes, the school is facing a very challenging time and is working hard to right the wrongs, but I ask, have you actually read the Ofsted report and fully understand the areas which require improvement? If you haven't, please find and read a copy. I hope the new head teacher embraces the arts as well as the maths & sciences. Allowing the future to be filled with young adults of all abilities and skills to offer.
  3. Please help. Earlier today at approx 4pm, 4 bmx bikes were stolen from the wooded area between the asda and chambers valley estate. They were chained together on the main path whilst the young lads played. When they returned, all the bikes had been taken with no sign of the chain. Someone must have seen something as 4 bikes wouldnt be easy to move. I have details of three of the four bikes: 1 was purple with yellow writing on it, 1 red and black and 1 blue. Obviously, the young lads are really upset and desperate to get their bikes back. Any info would be really appreciated.
  4. What support are you wanting? I'm a private tutor and support children through GCSE music. There are many aspects to the GCSE course, is it a particular area that your child is needing support with?
  5. ********NOW HOME***********Please keep a look out for our beloved Ragdoll x cat. He is a large build. His colouring is cream with a chocolate point face, he is unusual as he is a shorthair ragdoll due to him being a crossbreed. He has very pale blue eyes. He is wearing a blue collar with a silver tag which has his details on. He is also microchipped. He was last seen yesterday afternoon close to lane end in Chapeltown and has never wandered off before, I have checked all the local sheds and Garages, also local vets. He is very friendly and very vocal. Please get in touch if you see him, we just want him home.
  6. Another vote for hairy dieters books. Delicious, healthy food and easy to prepare.
  7. I can highly recommend Acacia Lodge cattery in Wentworth. It's set in the beautiful village of Wentworth and the owners treat your cats like royalty. Each spacious pen has heat lamp, comfortable bed area and excercise section. My cat has been staying there for a few years now and I would not put my cats anywhere else.
  8. No he isn't chipped unfortunately. The owners have contacted all local vets and RSPCA.
  9. Hi everyone. Miaow Miaow has gone missing from Halifax Road. He is a very pale ginger male cat with a sparkly collar. He has just been shaved so has very short hair. He has also recently been neutered. He has been missing from home since last Tuesday morning. He is very vocal (hence his name) and usually doesn't wander. He is a much loved cat and any information would be wonderful. Please message me if you think you have seen him. Thank you.
  10. Hi Hanna I am a piano teacher based in Chapeltown Sheffield. I have limited availability for lessons. If you would like more info please DM me. Best wishes.
  11. I am trying to trap a long haired black cat that is in a dreadful state. He has awfully matted fur, part is hanging off. He is blind in one eye and is underweight. He frequents the Lane End, Blackburn Drive estates in Chapeltown. I have set a feral trap, but no luck so far. I have also arranged to have him treated. If anyone knows of this cat, or knows where he visits regularly, please get in touch. I would love to see him in a better condition than he is at present.
  12. Hi Claire I am the owner of a piano school based in Chapeltown Sheffield. I specialize in teaching beginners of all age groups and have a very fun, friendly and relaxed approach. I have taught privately for over 10 years and have produced many confident, competent pianists. All lessons are taught in my modern, comfortable studio. I teach all aspects of music including theory. I am fully CRB and insured. If you would like any further information, please dm me. Kind regards The Natalie Wilkinson piano school.
  13. There is also Bluebell Wood childrens hospice. They have a dedicated music room and I know (as I've played it) that the piano there is really old and on its last legs. They offer children the the chance to play all the instruments and enjoy music therapy. The hospice is for children with life shortening illnesses, and end of life care. It's a wonderful place and I'm sure your piano would be very well used.
  14. Hello. Could you please post the link. I work at a vets in High Green, so I can make people aware.
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