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    In very nice condition are these two solid wooden dining chairs.. No damage..both chairs for £10.00..



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    In absolute excellent condition is this beautiful Ottoman /Storage. Also great for a window seat.. A lovely deep shade of red. Please ignore contents inside. Clean and on castor for easy moving.


  3. shazza666

    Marble run


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    In excellent condition..battery operated marble run..ideal gift..comes with 4 marbles. .


  4. Hi Rob, Just at work at the moment... When I get ho e later I will look and see f I can find the name.... ---------- Post added 06-12-2017 at 09:32 ---------- Hi Rob, Later when I get home I will have a look and see if the name is mentioned. It will be much later tonight so please bare with me..
  5. My mother Joan knight was in there, along with her brother Albert and her sisters may and Margaret..I'm sure that place is responsible for my mother been so hard and unapproachable..she went in at 2 years around 1937/8... ---------- Post added 05-12-2017 at 21:00 ---------- I also have records of her history..records and such and there ate lots of other peoples names also on the he records.
  6. hi everyone, i have read all the threads too do with fch hoping too see some mention of my family who where placed there in august 1938...they are the knight family...may, albert, margaret, joan, and shirley...my mum went in at 3 years old into house 15, she was seperated from her siblings...she never will talk about "that awful place" and we have never pushed her..does anyone recognize their names please...
  7. my husband who is a french plumber, who does not work as a plumber would like too help people with any urgent small jobs over xmas if people are very in need for free in s6 and s5, is this ok too do..
  8. can vouchers be taken back if purchased wrong?
  9. with what I can see 1st one is going for 295.00 dollars...
  10. i remember you steamboat willie...ha ha...
  11. kevin my staffy is just a mardy arse in general...he's a r8 lad...
  12. pmsfl @ how he's written it in broad Yorkshire...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..i'd have munk on wi thee anall...buy her a pint...pmsl @ nosey ken and Brenda, I have an uncle ken and aunty Brenda, live stocksbridge...
  13. he's nothing but a big mouth who thinks he can say what he wants...he's horrible...
  14. I'm blue jeans.....lived in Hillsborough.....I had a barracuda...
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