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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=strict&client=firefox-b&q=september+15+2015+end+of+the+world&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-y7v4o9rQAhXlIsAKHZgBB04Q1QIIPCgC&biw=1024&bih=528 possibly that? considering the time and date.
  2. people like you are a danger to others on the road . hopefully one day someone gives you what you deserve!
  3. I know a couple who have done just that, they justify it by saying its what the immigrants do. personally I no longer talk to them, too full of 'insert your own word here'
  4. There is a part on the magnetron that may cause cancer, beryllium oxide is what it is try not to break it
  5. I'm wanting to buy a few kg of aluminum cans\extruded aluminium or cast. Does anyone know of scrap metal merchant where I can go buy some. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Why not openly say what it is? Really I wouldnt have said anything but coming onto a thread aimed at retired people and hoping to take advantage of them is pretty low. http://hotmlmcompanies.com/traffic-monsoon-review/
  7. Everyday I want to smash my amazon fire up, ill never buy an amazon product again.
  8. Walking outside increases the risk of cancer just as much has drinking alcohol.
  9. Matters little, 2 tonne still need some decent speed...my point is your taking it way out of context. The way i read it He said the driver was driving to fast for the road conditions which does not automatically mean he was driving fast enough to lose control or aquaplane.
  10. I wonder how fast an hgv would need to be going for it to aquaplane on water or lose stability or control....
  11. It recongnises the device you are using to make the payments possibly. Try it on a different pc or mobile that you've not used before and it should verify by visa like it first did
  12. Sounds a bit harsh, would you have said the same if it was your kid? Like if that was your toddler and air ambulance turned up would you be like bit over top that lads only need an ambulance its only a toddler that fell out of window?
  13. Do you have btfon access? £15 per month for a 12 month contract. Handy if you have neighbours with BT broadband
  14. You say no one is dumb enough to do it with it turned on but I'll put money on the fact there is plenty of people dumb enough to do just that. Also the main dc filter cap will hold charge for a wee while and may not kill a fit adult but is going to hurt. Telling people on a forum who you don't know to take apart a TV and fix it is stupid. You don't know the skill set of the person, you don't know if they are electrically safe they probably don't even know what a capacitor does! My advice would be to spend time learning first before jumping into things, as in for an hobby or to make ends meet not to fix your TV that you know doubt want fixing asap
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