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  1. Species of animal to be rehomed- TWO RATS Rehome or Sale? REHOME Reason for Rehome / Sale WE TOOK THESE IN TO HELP A FRIEND AND NOW WE NEED TO REHOME THEM. Sale Amount N/A Location STOCKSBRIDGE Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously?*NO Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? THEY ARE STILL ONLY BABIES AND ARE A LITTLE BIT NERVOUS WHEN YOU POP YOUR HAND IN BUT THEY DO NOT SCRATCH INTENTIONALLY. Age & Sex BOTH FEMALES. I THINK THEY ARE ABOUT 2 MONTHS Breed/ Mix NOT SURE THEY ARE BOTH WHITE WITH GREY/BLACK MARKS Colour/coat type AS ABOVE Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? AS I STATED MAY SCRATCH BUT NOT INTENTIONALLY. Live in / out IN Neutered/spayed NO Chipped NO Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues NO Temperament CALM BUT CAN BE SCARED EASILY. WILL LET YOU HOLD THEM BUT GET NERVOUS Vaccinated & Wormed NO Any special knowledge needed NEED TO KNOW HOW TO CARE FOR RATS/RODENTS General Information you can share We took these in for a friend and ended up having them to stay. I would really like to home these asap as im not big on rats lol and to be fare they make me nervous lol. They are little cuties though. They are called poppy and phoebe. Phoebe is the calmer one and will let you hold and stroke her. Poppy is very energetic lol and she likes to sniff your hands alot. They love their treats aswell. They will both come together as I dont want them separated as they have a really good relationship and iv read that rats prefer to be with others. They came in a glass tank so will be going with that. If you can help rehome them please message me on here or through text. Thank you. TEXT ONLY ON 07884552153
  2. Reason for Rehome / sale - REHOME Time Scale – How Urgent?*- URGENT Sale Amount - DONATION TO BE MADE TO A DOG RESCUE Has the Dog been in Rescue - NO Location*- SHEFFIELD Age & Sex -*HE IS A 2YR OLD STAFFY X AMERICAN BULL Breed/ Mix*-STAFF X AMERICAN BULL (MORE STAFF) KC Registered - NO Approximate size*- MEDIUM (VET SAID HE WOULDNT GET ANY BIGGER) Exercise Needed - TWO WALKS A DAY (WOULD STAY OUT WALKING ALL DAY ) Neutered & Micro chipped - YES TO BOTH Vaccinated & Wormed - NOT UP TO DATE WITH VACS BUT WORMED Live in / out - IN Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - NO BUT VERY PLAYFUL, TRYS TO PLAY WITH NEIGHBOURS LABS Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues*- NO Temperament - EXCELLENT WITH PEOPLE! AMAZING WITH CHILDREN Good or Bad with Children*- AMAZING (I HAVE 3 CHILDREN) Dislike of Men or Women*- LIKES BOTH OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - JUST WANTS TO PLAY, TRIES TO PLAY WITH NEIGHBOURS LABS Travel OK in Car*- NOT BEEN IN A CAR BUT TRAVELS FINE ON BUS Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - HES BEEN LEFT ALONE NEARLY 6 HOURS, DUE TO ME WORKING AND WAS FINE ( but please don't leave him for this long) Destructive Behaviour - HE LOVES TO CHEW HIS TOYS AND BONES BUT HAS NOT CHEWED ANYTHING OF OURS SINCE HE WAS A PUP Barks - YES IF THERE IS A KNOCK AT DOOR AND WHEN PEOPLE WALK IN ( HE WILL STOP WHEN HE KNOWS WHO IS THERE ) Pull on the lead - AT FIRST YES BUT WILL STOP AND WALK AT SIDE OF YOU, YOU CAN TAKE HIM OF LEAD ONCE YOU ARE ON OPEN LAND AND HE WILL HAPPILY COME BACK WHEN ITS TIME TO GO HOME. (HE DOES BARK PRETTY LOUD WHEN HE SEE'S HIS LEAD DUE TO EXCIMENT, BUT CALMS DOWN ONCE OUTSIDE, ITS A TYPICAL STAFFY YAP) Crate trained - NO Housetrained - YES (ONLY TIME HE HAS ACCIDENTS IS WHEN THERE IS FIREWORKS)* General Information you can share about the Dog. PLEASE DONT SLATE ME OR JUDGE ME Due to certain circumstances I have to rehome my little man NERO, he is neutered and chipped but not up to date with vacs. He's a very loving dog and fantastic with children ( I have two boys aged 9 and 5 and a daughter aged 4 ) I have tried everything to keep him with me, iv even asked for family members to have him on the odd occasion but with work they can't I know I shouldn't explain myself but I don't want people thinking I'm just abandoning him because it's not like that.... he will be 3 in November, hes amazing with children, he adores them in fact, my daughter will happily play tig with him up the garden and he will run past her and tig her back hes great with both men and women, the reasons I need to rehome is due to me having to take on more hours at work due to me having baby number 4 in a matter of weeks...my partners health is not good and he can't get out as much as he used to....along with working full time and looking after my children and partner I help my mom care for my nan who is terminally ill with throat cancer. I cannot give him the time he needs... I dont want any money for him but I do want to make sure that a donation is made to a dog rescue charity. I would also like to know where he will be going and to keep in touch with whoever is lucky enough to have him in there life's. If you won't keep in touch I cant let him go... iv never had to rehome a dog before and im hoping iv gone about it the right way... if anyone can help please feel free to email me. If you would like any pics of him please leave your email address in my message box. Thank you. P.S PLEASE DONT BE PUT OFF BY THE FACT HE IS A STAFF, HE IS AN AMAZING EXAMPLE OF WHAT A STAFF IS LIKE, HE IS JUST FANTASTIC
  3. Hi all just need to know if anyone knows of any cheap skips companys? Its only for toys and shed rubbish? Please reply if you can help with people to ring. Thank you x
  4. Hi, im just wondering if anyone knows anyone who does taxi runs? Iv rang around taxi company's but because theres 5 of us (2 adults and 3 children) im going to need a black cab! And I think there really pricey! Im wanting to know how much they would charge to take us from stocksbridge to train station on thursday and pick us up from train station and bring us back to stocksbridge, just an all together price please. If you can help please reply. Thank you x
  5. I did but no one has been intouch so there loss, it worked fine probably still does. X
  6. Il remember never to ask a simple question on here again. Thank u daven
  7. Well I didnt know they only took parts of it did I? Because if I did I wouldnt be asking if they take them. Why cant people on this forum just give a straight answer without being clever.
  8. I dont want it to be dumped and just for the record I dont dump things just wondered if anyone knew if scrapmen take them?
  9. Hi guys got a quick question who will take a freezer? Its on my front it was working but been outside a couple of days, I thought scrapmen would take it but iv been told they wont? Just need it gone. Thanks x
  10. My other half hasn't got his yet? I ordered it on the 30th june? It should be here by now surely?
  11. Im not really up to much on this but my other half has just joined a group called penistone angler's (I think) £35 for year, matches on mondays I think, he can fish underbank for free and another one but im not sure of its name I know it has dam on the end (castle dam? Not sure) if ur interested I could get my other half to give me the details? Laura Ps this is the 1st club hes joined and he loves it, he said all the men are great to talk to. I know theres a club at tinmill? He was going to join that as well. Hope Iv helped
  12. I know its not my place to say but he cant really give a stuff about how ur feeling? My dad never really showed affection to my mum, his excuse was its hard seeing you like this. But he didnt believe her anyway! Now if the shoe was on the other foot im guessing ud believe him x
  13. Hi peaches, my mum suffers with fibromyalgia and I know how hard it can be, my dad used to think she was faking it! I think it might be a man thing, then again my dad was a complete arse lol x
  14. Species of animal to be rehomed two black rabbits Rehome or Sale? Re-home Reason for Rehome / Sale- pregnant with 4th child longer hrs at work. Sale Amount N/A Location sheffield/stocksbridge Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes the larger one can but the smaller one will try and run off Age & Sex about 2years and 3years Breed/ Mix one is a french lop x dwarf the other is a Belgium lop Colour/coat type both black Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? The big one will lick ur feet lol but the smaller one is more shy and likes to be on her own Live in / out --both at the moment Neutered/spayed the smaller one isnt and I think shes a female not 100% as its hard to try and sex her, the bigger one has been spayed as my mum said she had her spayed. Chipped no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues none that im aware of Temperament smaller one very shy but will let you stroke her the bigger one is very friendly! Vaccinated & Wormed no Any special knowledge needed no General Information you can share Nibbles the smaller one and peppa the larger one are two beautiful rabbits, iv had nibbles since she was a baby and had peppa for a few months, they both are in indoor cages at the min as the hutch broke on the side, due to me being pregnant with Baby #4 and taking on extra hours at work its best I help re-home them I dont want to but its best for them. Please dont leave nasty comments as im not just dumpping them. If anyone can help id be very grateful. They will need a new cage if your wanting them outside, as there indoors at min and go out through the day and back in at night. Peppa is very loving and nibbles likes her own space. Please get intouch if you can help. Thank you
  15. Species of animal to be rehomed Rehome or Sale? Reason for Rehome / Sale Sale Amount Location Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Age & Sex Breed/ Mix Colour/coat type Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Live in / out Neutered/spayed Chipped Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament Vaccinated & Wormed Any special knowledge needed General Information you can share Hi guys, first off please don't judge me with what I'm about to post. I have two rabbits that I need to re-home. The first one is mine and the second one is my mums that I have taken and looked after, I need to re-home them as im pregnant with my 4th child, doing extra hours at work and I cant give them the time they need I also have a dog who wants to play with them but he scared them in there cages and its not fair on them. At the min they are both in indoor cages (through the day they go out for abit then come back inside) they did have an outdoor cage but the side got broke hence why they are inside. I don't want people to think im just getting rid because im not... I just cant look after them as good as they need to be. If anyone can help id be very grateful. . Please dont make nasty comments its not something I want to do but I have to do for them. Thank you.
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