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  1. Can anyone recommend a renderer please? I have tried Shaws and the renderman with no luck. Thank you
  2. Thank you for the replies. Went with Tmobile - fingers crossed but doubt it could be worse than vodafone!
  3. Can anyone tell me what Tmobile signal is like in Crosspool please? I have vodafone at the moment and it is terrible.
  4. Does anyone know of any beginners art/drawing classes in Sheffield? Pref not too many miles from S10... I was hoping to do one with WEA starting in Sept but can't do it on that day and not so far had any luck any others....
  5. The one in Leeds I used to go to had several general play and stay sessions which were very successful. They had lovely activities and resources and a supportive environment which encouraged parents to support each other.
  6. Can anyone give me details of the sales at Brocco Bank and I think there is one coming up in Crookes soon? Or any others around S10/11/7 I want to sell some things so want to find out when they are and how to be a seller... Thank you...
  7. http://www.cdyst.co.uk has a hall in Crosspool at reasonable rates as it is a charity
  8. Good luck to you mate, I wish I had the money. If however you are looking for a building surveyor to submit planning or bldg regs, I'm cheap! Would be grateful if you could keep me in mind for the future - just starting own business and looking to build up contacts. Cheers.
  9. Hi there I am a building surveyor looking to start own business which will be primarily to give a service to residential homeowners who need planning and/or bldg regulations consent and, if required a full project management service for the project, including procuring, vetting and managing the builder. You have had allsorts of advice on your replies, all of it pretty good; if you would like me to roll it up into one and design your loft conversion and submit for building regulations, drop me a line. I am cheap as I am primarily looking to work up contacts and build a business around recommendation so if I do a good, cheap service for you, you can recommend to your friends. With regard to price though, although I havent seen it, you are most probably looking at thousands, rather than hundreds. Many thanks
  10. Does anyone have a telephone number for Hangram Farm to order a turkey? Can anyone tell me rough size to go for per person? Thank you!
  11. Hi there is a really good venue in Crosspool. CDYST, they have a sports hall and field for hire at reasonable rates. They have a website if you google them.
  12. I agree with the last post. I got a lot of help with feeding from a midwife specialising in it at my local children's centre. They were fantastic and really supportive. In fact with my first I went to Baby cafe which had peer supporters and lots of other mums breastfeeding which really made a big difference to me. They will be able to advise you about if she is hungry or feeding too much or reflux etc. Mine both wanted to feed continually for at least first month. I think when they are tiny it is really hard when you have a toddler as well. A sling may help or taking her out in the pushchair. I found the easiest thing when the second was little was to get out of the house every morning even when I was exhausted as it helps keep the toddler amused and sometimes you can get someone else to hold the baby!
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