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  1. Exactly.It's taken this for them to actually show archive footage.
  2. What year did Fanny's close become Moorlands ? Last time I remember it as Fanny's was 1985.
  3. Tried it many times gaz but nothing on there of either place.
  4. There's more and more pictures appearing online but still struggling with the above....
  5. At long last.....Only been looking for this for 47 years.😄
  6. TWhits there is a p[hoto on Sheffield History of the bus in the middle but sadly not the experiment. Picturesheffield site ref no.s34648
  7. When the bus was on the roundabout the mini islands weren't there....IIRC
  8. I said before the season started that 5 points from 9 would be a great return.Now I'm looking at 7...
  9. I'm still surprised 13 years after this thread was started that there are still no photos of the experiment when I'm certain I've seen one but don't recall where....
  10. I was on the Parkway last night at about 6.15 when I saw the aftermath of what looked like a pretty serious accident between 3 vehicles near the Catcliffe turn off..The vehicle that looked the worst off was Meersbrook Construction Company's van.I just wondered if anyone knows if the driver -and possible passengers-are ok.
  11. Like the one I've mentioned on Herries Road & Penistone Road junction.Totally unnecessary.
  12. Thought Mad Dogs was brilliant but the ending was dreadful.
  13. Much prefer it to the last series though still Grand Tour for me is better.Don't get why so many people dislike Jeremy Clarkson;think we was great on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
  14. Yes that would be an obvious improvement you would have thought. Another separate issue but even more infuriating is the lights at the junction of Herries Road and Penistone Road.When vehicles queue-sometimes back as far as Hillsborough Park-to turn right there can be up to 20 waiting whilst nothing is coming along Penistone Road towards town.I emailed Highways last summer asking why the lights at the end of Leppings Lane could not be synced to those at Herries Road thus when nothing is coming towards town the right filter onto Herries Road can be on green leaving less of a tailback.I received a response some weeks later asking if I had noticed the trial run they had brought in since my email.I asked what this trial was and their response was that they had tried syncing the lights-after 7pm....when there is way less traffic and when I am not in the vicinity .If they can trial at less busy times why not in day time hours? I am still awaiting their response to that.....Clearly Highways don't wish to improve traffic flow.
  15. Being close by is a bit of an overstatement as further along Langsett Road junction with Bamforth Street you wait what seems an age at a red light before the tram appears.At the aforementioned junction with Holme Lane there seems to be a tram in the vicinity more often than not and turning left onto Langsett Road is a bad option as there are always trams/buses/taxis clogging that area.
  16. The traffic from Penistone Road when it hits the mini roundabout at Bradfield Road is the start of the problem.The left hand lane is for left turning vehicles (onto Langsett Road)-though many drivers try and save time by using it then trying to cut in before the lights.When there is a tram in the vicinity-even though it is still nowhere near the junction-the lights favour it.When the tram finally arrives and passes through the lights have been known to let pedestrians cross again therefore missing drivers on Bradfield Road out so a 2-3 minute traverse can become much longer-unfortunately I make this journey a few times a day so lately it has been a Godsend getting through.
  17. No tram holding everything else up.Traffic getting through the lights easier.The tram holds everything up and has done for years as it is obviously a priority.
  18. Because it takes 2-3 minutes to get from Penistone Road to Loxley and not 10-15.
  19. Hope it takes another 6 months.You can actually drive through Hillsborough without a 4 hour wait at the lights.
  20. I thought G Dewsbury on Neill Road closed a few years ago.I took my sons there about 10 years ago but don't remember there being a Paul there.
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