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  1. Exactly.It's taken this for them to actually show archive footage.
  2. What year did Fanny's close become Moorlands ? Last time I remember it as Fanny's was 1985.
  3. Tried it many times gaz but nothing on there of either place.
  4. There's more and more pictures appearing online but still struggling with the above....
  5. At long last.....Only been looking for this for 47 years.😄
  6. TWhits there is a p[hoto on Sheffield History of the bus in the middle but sadly not the experiment. Picturesheffield site ref no.s34648
  7. When the bus was on the roundabout the mini islands weren't there....IIRC
  8. I said before the season started that 5 points from 9 would be a great return.Now I'm looking at 7...
  9. I'm still surprised 13 years after this thread was started that there are still no photos of the experiment when I'm certain I've seen one but don't recall where....
  10. I was on the Parkway last night at about 6.15 when I saw the aftermath of what looked like a pretty serious accident between 3 vehicles near the Catcliffe turn off..The vehicle that looked the worst off was Meersbrook Construction Company's van.I just wondered if anyone knows if the driver -and possible passengers-are ok.
  11. Like the one I've mentioned on Herries Road & Penistone Road junction.Totally unnecessary.
  12. Thought Mad Dogs was brilliant but the ending was dreadful.
  13. Much prefer it to the last series though still Grand Tour for me is better.Don't get why so many people dislike Jeremy Clarkson;think we was great on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
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