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  1. Good old Council, sending a Ranger to sort it. What are the odds it's the same person every time? Should be risk assessed and set up on a rota basis.
  2. Not sure, check the zumba thread on here, think it's about £4
  3. Someone metioned the Polish Club, starting next Monday 6-7pm. Might check it out.
  4. Cheers Miss Creant, I ended up geting some from the 'organic garening catalogue', works out about 50p cheaper than on amazon. Ah well, looking forward to the anti-socail smells...
  5. Can anyone recommend a site to buy jerusalem artichokes? checked on amazon but it's £5 delivery...
  6. Use them to scare birds off your plants. Tie them to branches/posts etc.
  7. Relish is one of best new restaurants in Sheff for ages. Similar to Thyme Cafe but much cosier, great service and the food is brilliant. Hope it lasts.
  8. Human League have rescheduled for Sunday 12th December. Current tickets still valid.
  9. Fair enough if they're coming from Halifax, would be upset if they cancelled from Ecclesall rd!
  10. What a great thread! thanks hemlock
  11. Probably the same women who started off the trend in the punk era. Good on em I say!
  12. Great Show. Loved it! Well done everyone x
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