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  1. Raising awareness I believe, not a bad start. Be great if this issue got Cocker, Hawley etc who were happy to get involved with protests against replacing street trees involved.
  2. It's nowhere near enough though is it, hence the protests.
  3. Good on em. Hope this major issue gets as much, or hopefully more, support and attention as replacing some street trees.
  4. No, by all means complain, my point is just that the proportional effort should be in line with the impact of what you're complaining about. I'm done with this thread now, I wish you all the best, I also hope the council and its contractors can get on with their jobs, and everyone in Sheffield's streets gets upgraded like mine has been.
  5. No, sorry to disappoint you just a regular guy, but with a different opinion to yourself.
  6. Because as far as I see it the reasons for the protests are: Environmental impact - but the trees are (or certainly should be being) replaced, thus ensuring street trees for decades to come. Meanwhile across the globe up to 7 BILLION trees (ok thats only from a quick google, so it may be less (or more!)) are cut down each year and not replaced. Now that is worth protesting about, but its not outside yours or mine front doors, so we'll get in the way of tree REPLACEMENTS in our own little neighbourhood instead. That's not on environmental terms for me, its NIMBYism. Money - Not quite got this one straight, but its either costing too much, a company being paid too much, or not spending enough on it, but either way the protests are clearly making it cost more. I want the council to do its job - part of which is to manage the environment. From what I can see the impact of this has been positive (as I said before, new paths, new road surface, new trees) and looks set for decades. I am pleased they've done it. These are my views. I also respect the protestor's right to make as much noise as they want to about it, there are many people that don't, I just think its effort pointed in the wrong direction whether on an environmental or money basis. ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 11:45 ---------- But the good news is they only replaced the ones that were too big or causing or about to cause other damage, so now we have a good mix of trees. We also have different definitions of saplings as the new trees look pretty substantial to me. But maybe I'm just lucky eh?!
  7. Not where I live, it looks better and will do for decades now. New footpaths, new roads, new trees.
  8. That's not good, do you think they haven't finished the work or are they leaving it like that? I dont know how to do multiple quotes, but re the silent majority, we will never know without a referendum, or something like a local election.. I do know plenty of people who are embarrassed by the 'protestors' stopping people getting on with their jobs, increasing the costs of the necessary works, and continually saying trees are being removed, instead of being replaced. Personally I can honestly say the street I live on and the surrounding streets are in a much better state now and much much better set for the future following the long overdue maintenance.
  9. Good long term planning too, even better.
  10. Ahh neat little ignore of the replace after the removal. I can only speak for what i've seen, but certainly no fewer trees, and many that are more appropriately sized for their location. All good.
  11. I must admit i thought long and hard before sharing my opinion. I think I have covered my tracks well, but in any case I'll get the crash barriers and private security team on standby outside my house ready for rent-a-crowd.
  12. We've had some removed and replaced; generally the ones that were too big for where they were. All looks good now. good job IMO
  13. Having spent all day Friday and yesterday there, you would have to work really hard to find anything to moan about, so well done anyone managing that! Can't wait to get there today!
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