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  1. hey there, was wondering if anybody witnessed the motorbike crash on abbeydale road on the early hours of sat morning? around 4am?
  2. i have smashed the screen on my Samsung smart fone and was wondering if anybody knows of a reputable place that does repairs. in Sheffield centre atm....any ideas would help greatly thanks sam
  3. hello there, i am a support worker and i am looking for any lunch/social clubs for the elderly in the s35 area for a couple in their 80's. any advice/help is much appreciated. thankyou sammii x
  4. Is anywhere around kellam island or hilsbro area. Thanks <3
  5. I am wanting to find out what available home care help is around the s5 area. Just advice or experiences from care companies. Want to find the right one for my nan. Thankyou
  6. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancies section of the classifieds. Closing.
  7. Does anybody know of the new chinese resteraunt karioke bar thats open london road? Ive seen it but noy sure if they allow children. Any info would be great thanks xx
  8. hey s36 judo, thankyou for your reply, where does lol teach? we do not drive so would like somewhere that is reachable we live in the s4 area. many thanks sammiiex
  9. Hi there I am looking for a place where they teach brazilian jiu jitsu in the sheffield area. Nearish city centre who teach both adults and children. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks sammie
  10. I am looking for judo classes or something similar for me and my 7 year old to learn together. We are both very enthusiastic about it but do not know anywhere in sheff that have classes nto teach both children and adults at the same time. Any ideas? Not interested in karate though; thanks sammie
  11. thankyou for your help, i have emailed who you have suggested so i wait to hear from them
  12. hello there, I have a picture that I want printed onto a tshirt. its just the one I am wanting and was wondering if anybody knew of places that could help? its quite a colourful design also. thanks sammii
  13. where can i buy jade green uniform for junior school? the schools uniform prices are expensive, was wondering if anyone knew anywear that sell the colour or very similar? tried most places with no luck!!!!
  14. just looked outside!!!!! does anybody know if there will be a bus service i use the no 20 bus please help
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