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  1. yes Eyre street I think. was a cracking night . so many memories.
  2. Virtually lived in scamps back in the day. Loved it in there. Those were the days
  3. What was the ice cream business called in woodhouse,and who owned it ??
  4. Wanting a free quote for two fence panels and a gate please already had a quote but not got back to me if anyone can help
  5. had this job done now by steve. done a great job would recommend him to anyone that needs garden work done
  6. i am wanting a free reasonable quote for lowering a hedge to make it more managable.and cutting back off pavement. also will need the cuttings taken away
  7. Took my grandsons to see the lights last night.what an abysmal display it is.and half of them were not working,really would not show us up next year sheffield council,and don't bother with any at all.
  8. absolutaley disgusted watching look north and seeing an old woman being pushed off the road by one of the torch security men.yes she tried to touch the god damn torch but there is no way she should have been pushed like that
  9. they even put the fancy dress outfits on and we took there photos in them.was prob just a jobsworth on duty
  10. we went about 34 weeks ago and had no trouble taking photos.we even took them of the kids stood with the exhibits.
  11. i have added my objections too as a past resident.my parents live up there and always use the local shops.it would be truly sad if it closed down.more objections need to be made .
  12. brilliant storyline and fantastic acting.hope it brings the problem of adult abuse out into the open more
  13. asda do the same too.give them a call .good luck
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