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  1. what about lol knight, or the lowthers?
  2. ive got some top quality carp gear for sale , placed it in the for sale forum on here , does anyone know any better places to advertise it locally ( not e-bay)
  3. i once ate a fish !!!!! jayne i think her name was ??
  4. i have to agree with chuggster , from where u are loxley fisheries is you best pond its got a good head of carp n barble n loads of silver fish ,just check what pegs are available when matches are on
  5. do you think the league should introduce a debt cap ?? i.e a club cant owe more than its yearly income?? n would it sort out the glory hunters or would real madrid just dominate ?
  6. cant understand there being anything as a canada blade ?? go often do u and what on earth r u on about neither sheff team as a soft spot (theyre not puppies) for palace
  7. does it matter ,when a decent band/artist turns up ticket master just robs us anyhow
  8. just posting 5 threads to be able to advertise some fishing tackle on here
  9. just need to post 5 threads so i can try n sell some carp rods n reels
  10. i need to post 5 things to be able to try n sell some fishing tackle on her
  11. try the car spares on yewlane they were pretty cheap on my van battery
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