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  1. Thanks Martin... I am working and so can't attend Uni during the day time. Looking something in the evennings or weekends. There should be some courses from Council isn't it. Thanks
  2. I am looking to learn this Sheffield English Accent and also improve my writing skills in English. Can anyone suggest me the best way to learn writing and speaking in English. Are there any good tutors in Sheffield? Ofcourse economical.. Thanks
  3. I am also looking for the same. Just wondering whether we can rent a house and share accordingly.
  4. Hi, I am 26/ male looking for a sharing accommodation near to Sheffield center. I am a professional and my work place will be near to Carbrook. I can pay upto £250 a month. I will be moving to Sheffield on Sept 2nd and so I am looking for immediately available accommodation. Pls contact me thru mail vkrishv@yahoo.com Thanks
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