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  1. Kop band is back for the match against Swansea.
  2. Bloomin 'eck Steve! bit of a shock eh? Hope you are feeling better and wish you a full recovery.
  3. Busy day Corker? Got some big ones there.
  4. This little guy is building up a fan club. Right Colour - Wrong Team but great idea.
  5. GMTV for me BBC too formal for me.
  6. v. much so although it depends on the situation. I think she is a very insecure person but sometimes her personality comes through as seen here... Lily in Oz. Her talk show bombed and I for one can't understand why. I loved it.
  7. Thanks bizzle. I like her sense of humour and it really comes across on the album.
  8. I bought the new album by Lily Allen based on her single The Fear. After a quick hearing of the CD I thought I had made a major boo boo. Today while walking the dogs I listened to the CD again and I'm beginning to get into it. Some of the lyrics made me laugh out loud and I received quite a few weird looks as a result. Anybody else bought it and what do you think? I'm not interested in opinions of Lily Allen haters, just people who have bought the CD.
  9. You know what that means don't you Corker?
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