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  1. If what HeadingNorth says is the case (health and safety may dictate a certain amount of room), then ask if the door can be left open and you stand by it outside.
  2. I like that, but I think that gets covered by centric doesn't it?
  3. mmm, my first thought was an image of shark hunters...
  4. Have you ever really looked at what they mean? I would have always described myself as somewhat left, but according to various descriptions, I have slight right beliefs, but still hold many leftist ideals... so am I a centrist? Left-wing politics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-wing_politics Right-wing politics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_politics Far-left politics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far-left_politics Far-right politics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far-right_politics Centrism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centrism
  5. Other than discussing the OP's own website, there isn't any links to anything, so it's all SF'ers personal comments.
  6. To me UKIP support is a signal to the other parties of what the country is wanting! Once done, UKIP will disappear and Conservatives will probably gain to current Labour figures.
  7. Have you any better images of the images, just so I can form an opinion myself? But yes very very wrong on many levels, but I have wondered if they do actually have to collect the body parts anyway for identification purposes, but, that doesn't excuse them using them as trophies. EDIT: PM me the link if you deem it necessary! Cheers!
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17766713 Well done for the verdict, sorry for all who knew the lovely little girl! Incidents like this, where gangs don't care about anybody but themselves, should they get an extra fixed sentence added on, say 2 years?
  9. Where can I buy that, i'm an avid chess player and never heard of that one! Oops, shouldn't ask Sir Mecky for a reference, he just downt do 'em!
  10. So the government were right, but the tanker drivers altered their plan to try to embarrass them, the media jumped on the bandwagon, and now we are back to the threats that we had before (what the government responded to initially), so in reality it's the tanker drivers making our lives harder, both before and again now! Is Labour trying to sort this out too because it's affecting their member too!
  11. Those types of right wingers vote for Galloway!
  12. Who is 'nature'? Is that like Gaia theory or something?
  13. Hard to say, yes because I like the people in it, it has it's laughs and moments, but it never really hits the spot. But since it's a true story, 'really' as they say, it's an eye opener, or legs opener as it was.
  14. Have you watched the recent film Hysteria, about the invention of the dildo and the Suffragette movement... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1435513/
  15. Any evidence of that, or is that just your drivel?
  16. mmm, Galloway was as clever as ever with his one trick pony today at PMQ's.
  17. A lot of the time because religion told us too!
  18. There's different degrees of certainty, e.g. idea, philosophical concept, theory, principle, fact, etc...
  19. I like to make slight mistakes, so when they call I know who sold me out
  20. No, you should check their methods and do tests for yourself, if you see a flaw, shout it ut and ask if anyone can prove your theory to disprove the original proof. But if something is real and right then it should be testable time and time again. Gone... BBC4, Beautiful Minds, about Professor Andre Geim, a physicist.
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