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  1. Very anti West as usual and pro terrorist as usual!
  2. Are you claiming those comments as your views?
  3. Just like the heroin thread, decriminalisation won't work, only legalisation will!
  4. Thought they were all leaving soon, always intended too. And weren't they invited to help?
  5. I got two sentences in and gave up with your delusion to be different. Sounded like an Anarchist again...
  6. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/19/karzai-condemns-suicide-bomber-photos
  7. No, show me! But in Googling it I can't see any in UK on first 3 pages...
  8. Eh, you must be missing something... it's on about minimum wages, pensions and other things which cost. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17706221 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17771769
  9. Well where is the money supposed to come from then?
  10. They are intending to strike if they don't get more money (money for training, pensions, etc), and yes that cost is passed on directly to us consumers. Don't you understand basic economics?
  11. Would the Taliban be reprimanded in Pakistan by the SIS.
  12. You inferred it, I was just asking for clarification of your statement!
  13. Out of interest, what is the similar far right variation? Actually, I can imagine...
  14. As explained on the news the other night, all the cost increases are thrown straight back to us, on petrol, which also influences other goods and services, they were surprised however that it hasn't affected large supermarkets. No, you didn't! You answered some other question...
  15. So are you saying it is a Labour conceived plan to wangle more money out of us?
  16. So, saying communism is a far left society, how do they view and treat workers who don't conform to the standard?
  17. Well noticed, it does actually refer to some though doesn't it!
  18. No it's not! The one's stated in my original quote on this bit... EDIT: If it helps you understand, try it this way with the extra "to"... "My rules apply to me just as TO others." What i'm saying is I do my utmost not to be a hypocrite!
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