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  1. Not even going to read anything but the title of this one... NO It's made by Apple (their even worse than Microsoft)
  2. And there must have been something before that... Ad infinitum... And what is this nothing we're expanding in to? Nothing is surely something..! mmm, I had to watch it again, hence knowing the link. A lot to take in the first time...
  3. I may slate the TV license fee at times, but a single program episode like that is worth over 100 billion episodes of 'Strictly Come Dancing', 'Master Chef' and the such like... Hey i've got an idea, at the next budget why don't we cut most science research projects as well as University funding... Brilliant! We'll be there in no time!
  4. Did you see this? What happened before the big bang? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00vdkmj/Horizon_20102011_What_Happened_Before_the_Big_Bang/
  5. Conjures many scary thoughts of Blade Runner and 3 Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, (Both books by P. Dick). Colonising another planet will be an unbelievably daunting task... Many thanks for the link though...
  6. I'm not sure, I just saved madowl's avatar (nasty thing that it is), and uploaded to sheffieldforum and it worked fine. I'd suggest you try the same to check the process. If that one works then it may be the format of your animated gif. For instance if the website needs to resize it, it may just convert it to a single image, I know the way I wrote my site it works like that (if within size params (and right image type) then leave, else resize and convert to largest allowable still image). Waffle, waffle, waffle... If so try resizing and saving locally on your PC, otherwise find another image... ? Can you show me where to find it online and i'll give it a try (or convert) for you...
  7. If it's getting here then it's already loaded a load of stuff into RAM! If your not doing anything intensive (3d game, CAD, heavy graphics, crypto, etc...) you'll not notice any speed up. You might notice a tiny slowing down with just 1GB, because Win7 requires about 1GB of RAM minimum. When concerning RAM (ignoring type and buses) the only difference is when it pages / swaps out (e.g. fakes RAM on the HDD), especially (lol, extra billionth of a sec) if not set a pre-fixed size.
  8. Have you tried to open with a web browser locally? Most graphics apps will load into layers and not animate (because it's open for editing).
  9. mmm, me interested in what to use instead of a trusty copy of ol' Knoppix? Unformatted HDD? But surely the first few times you tried to log in it wasn't because you stated it went through basic startup, right up to where lsass would kick in... (not heard of this version of a lsass virus though)
  10. mmm, I follow all those guidelines... Only extra guideline (when discs not in wallet), leave shiny side up. (Was printed on an old Bob Dylan CD cover, and I virtually never get scratches!) But still some photo backup discs that were less than 2 years old have gone kaput... (I don't grow an iso for stuff like that, and I use K3B generally for burning) I haven't got around to trying dd yet to see if it's only the FAT that's been corrupted, or not. edit: Cheers
  11. Shorter version of post!!! Title was too short and on clicking back, all post was lost! DVD dye splits within only a couple (few) years... (Should use CD's but currently have none)... Should I write DVD's at slowest or fastest speed?
  12. One thought is to keep the best 75% of officers and fill the gap with some form of national service.
  13. In my experience the majority need a better level of english (lang and lit). The amount of times i've given statements and they've missed the key points making the statement worthless. Also a fair few treat witnesses just as harshly as suspects (proven or not).
  14. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quis_custodiet_ipsos_custodes%3F
  15. *** Really responding to original post... The advert states 'household', and that is also the unique identifier. In database terms it'd be known as a one to many relationship (house to occupants). In addition... I'm on benefits and other than rent and food, my TV license is my largest outgoing and I don't even watch it that much, probably because I don't like dancing, cooking, antiques, am not and have no kids, generally it's just news and politics, I would include business, but there's no such thing as working lunch any more... Hey, lot's of expensive sport though, er, no not interested there either because it's never the sports I like. And before you talk about the majority, it feels like splitting the bill with a greedy sod. To boot, most sport fanatics have (and are willing to pay for) Sky, so why should public broadcasting also have to compete financially.
  16. I used to until an old girlfriend told me off for it a few years ago... LOL But as me an' me Dad have always said, surely even a simple paper recycling process would be able to remove such containments(?).
  17. Thankyou Twiglet, just what i've been looking for, clearly stated in common language. So in my case yesterday, no they had no right to enter! p.s. They (well one of them, not that the other interjected) put Gene Hunt to shame (ref. Gene Hunt).
  18. @melthebell -> There the current acts. @Conrad -> a) That definitely applies in a stop and search situation, but not so sure in a property case (even though I know what you mean), and in my case no crime was 'supposedly' taking, it had supposedly already taken place elsewhere, b) If it's not their property then yes they can, otherwise it doesn't appear so.
  19. Hi, I had a visit from Sheffield CID yesterday. I've never met anyone so rude and dictatorial in my life. Not actually wanting to cause trouble and put in an official complaint I decided to find out what my actual rights are. (p.s. No i'm in no trouble what-so-ever) From reading Code B of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984), to me it appears that the Police do NOT have the right to enter my property without either first arresting me, or being in possession of a warrant, (discounting new terrorism amendments (not really applicable anyway)). However, not knowing my rights, when the officer used his foot to block me from closing the door and told me to let them in, I did so dutifully. Can anyone confirm and / or expand on this please. Somewhat slightly related for those interested on brushing up on their rights, you may also like to read Human Rights Act 1998.
  20. As long as it's an animated Gif then you should be ok. Most image apps will export a series of images as an animated gif, giving some extra options about timing and overlaying. I personally use GIMP, but I know PootoShop also does it...
  21. For some I prefer to go into the advanced settings and set to 'only me', (you used to have to do this for 'friends only' as well)
  22. I like amazon, it has a section entitled 'mp3 downloads'
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