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  1. So it's just your belief or were you taught that? And I doubt there is any supporting evidence is there?
  2. So what is and isn't this God responsible for, because all I ever hear is that HE is responsible for the good bits, until they go wrong, at which point HE wasn't responsible for them...
  3. but how many of them are happy with their current partner, or else what does it say about modern women
  4. Halibut, grow up... vote Labour, then their cronies can sell the NHS like they did before when they started it, and the schools, never mind the gold!
  5. I may write a CV tomorrow and send it to myself, hmmm, would I hire misen?
  6. I always used to. After Uni at first I did about 200 CV's a week and each one had a slightly tailored cover letter and then they got one of a variety of actual CV's. Some Architectural firms specialise in certain sectors, just as all restaurants aren't as good as Burger King or the Ritz.
  7. I used to buy a series of pocket books when I was younger, The Bluffers Guide To... Business, they had lists of trade words, but that t'was day when used do a bit of slap and tickle for me grind
  8. http://www.jobseekersadvice.com/cv-and-resume/recruiters-spend-less-than-10-seconds-reviewing-a-cv/ By writing in the first person you will remove any doubt about who it's on about. Also from that it made think of writing things for search engine optimisation, i.e. remove any superfluous, erroneous or non salient intel, so don't use words anyone might need a spell checker or dictionary for Ciao, Bella
  9. This is also what I thought on this, also I seem to remember being told that it didn't matter that I used I numerous times since it is you on about you, so i'd guess in the first person is right.
  10. Go on, next you'll be saying it was a random comment.
  11. I love PMQ's, Balls face doesn't agree with his forced actions, he knows he's lying most of the time and is very very concious about it, even seeks advice on it over pillow talk, reassured he's lying for the right reasons... His memoirs will be interesting, not a great read read, but interesting.
  12. Didn't Labour start selling off the NHS to the French and Spanish a number of years ago, strange how some people have only just started moaning about it. 2002 http://www.sochealth.co.uk/news/pollockpunch.htm Pot calling kettle black eh?
  13. AFAIK (or can see) it's not released until the 26th April 2012, hmm, so no reviews on Amazon, but here is a Mail review... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2132919/Bankers-drowning-money-Out-touch-politicians-Unaccountable-quangocrats-Not-generations-run-Britain-far-removed-common-man.html#ixzz1segFbiAW
  14. Can you, they also say the recent shrink is due to revised figures from before, figures which Labour manipulated to hide the truth. Funny or what, you're moaning about your lot again, oops
  15. Here's the Click link... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01gykwg/Click_21_04_2012/
  16. It's a good way to get your linux distros and updates yum yum
  17. Just watching BBC Click and an article about how us forumers (why is that spelt incorrectly?) are ruining the environment, should you be ashamed of yourselves? http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/publications/reports/make-it-green-cloud-computing/ http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/is-cloud-computing-just-a-cloud-of-pollution/
  18. Have you not seen the pictures of that girl who recently committed suicide because her disfiguration was so so severe after having acid thrown at her by her husband? She been in hospital something like 12 times to have reconstructive surgery, but she was still very very bad. This is nothing to do with racism, why would you twist it so? This story was on late night News24 all last night, it was truly disturbing!
  19. The shape of this poll is quite steady though...
  20. Believe him if you want, you know the real context intended
  21. You are both absolutely correct, non of the Pakistanis I know would dream or condone anything like this. And it's exactly these people who can start to push for more regulation and openness, whether that is through their social networks or political. In my experience Pakistanis are very proud and really care about reputation, so a few influential words could really start a ball rolling. Just the thought of that image is bringing a tear to my eye...
  22. mmm, that's on News24, for some reason I kept turning to look at that point, horrific!
  23. I don't think Pakistan takes a blind bit of notice at what others say to them, hence why this is a plea to Pakistani nationals and their relations. Surely such a devoutly peaceful religious country can change things like this themselves.
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