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  1. Well, your last line says it'd show that there were two members of staff in the room, which it won't. It also won't necessarily show culpability, as the person who wasnt there, but their RFID was, may have loaned the RFID or they may have had it stolen


    Very true, I did mean to note that, but a stricter training and 'making' example cases could help cut that.


    Say some kind of national charity training standards thing... a group which has to be allowed to give training seminars to registered care homes.


    Good language skills would be required to unsure proper delivery to all involved.

  2. But,there was video coverage of 2 staff.And they were handling the old lady quite roughly.


    That was a secret camera placed by the daughter.


    Something like this would facilitate such action if you were worried about someone in a similar situation.



    I'd hazard that it's technically illegal to do such things though... :suspect:

  3. No, it will ensure two RFIDs are in the room at the time


    Hence the last line.


    By having two culpable members of staff, it should mean less incidents (such as this, single male), but in no way am I negating the fact of complicity, especially in this sector since we've seen too many examples recently involving numerous members of staff.

  4. Do we want, need or even afford city Mayors in the UK?


    Much is expected from a new breed of elected mayors for England's larger cities. David Cameron thinks they will prove to be inspirational leaders. Nick Clegg says they will herald an unprecedented transfer of power from Whitehall to town halls by unleashing a wave of "city deals" with the government. And cities minister Greg Clark talks boldly of powerful mayors attracting the necessary private investment to rebalance the economy away from London and south-east England.




    Here's a quick GirectGov quote on types of Mayors

    There are two types of mayor with different roles. Many local councils have a mayor for ceremonial duties, who is chosen by the councillors. A few councils have an elected mayor with the power to make decisions, who is chosen by the public.





    Here's what the PM has said:



    and here's the opposition...






    By the way, if you want to discuss who you want for Sheffield Mayor, then please use the thread in Sheffield Discussions...

    Who should run for Sheffield's Mayor?

  5. I don't know if anyone saw the Panorama programme last night.What the programme revealed was appalling.

    Just when you thought it couldn't get much worse,you are shown a male carer working alone!! attending to the personal intimate hygiene needs of a vulnerable elderly woman with Atzheimers disease and beating her several times.

    This man has from the Phillipines has received a prison sentence.

    How can these terrible events be allowed to carry on in society,we hear about them repeatedly.What can we do to prevent such things from happening?




    My first thought was to involve cameras, but...


    So what about RFID tags (e.g. work id), so that an alarm sounds if only one RFID tag enters a room, i.e. always need to be in multiples.


    Also these time logs can be viewed by appointed persons of responsibility.


    Won't stop abuse, but will ensure two staff are present at all time in private areas.

  6. You could only say that if you've got comparative stats for domestic violence.


    Have you got comparative stats for domestic violence?


    This troll statement will just drag this thread off topic and into some kinda comparison which will in the end all views will be blamed on, yep, racism, again.



    What can you do to solve THIS particular issue?

  7. ...

    Well my mother was quite religious,so she certainly had an influence,but i didn't have it rammed down my throat, I didn't think about it much for several years.and in more recent years it started to a have a deeper meaning.Hasn't really changed me much though, i'm still waiting for a miracle.:hihi:


    OK a test to see if you are brainwashed or not, can you go a full day without saying "Thank God" automatically, try "Thank goodness" instead, you'll notice how many sayings you use to reinforce religion, and to think you're not brainwashed from a very very early age... You don't even realise...

  8. When are the English whites going to march and demonstrate against domestic violence carried out in the UK by English whites?


    The silence from them is deafening.


    Why are you making the thread into a racial thing again? You are deafening with those types of slips. :loopy:



    There is violence which is bad and despicable, but the article isn't about domestic violence in Pakistan or England, it's about ACID BEING THROWN IN THE FACE FOR STUPID REASON OF SUPPOSED PRIDE / HONOUR!

  9. BBC Breakfast's only saving grace is that Sian Williams is no longer on it.


    They need to cut out the "what do you think? Ring, email, text or tweet us on...."


    If I wanted to know armchair experts blinkered biased opinions on current events I'd come on here when I got up!


    I used to watch just for Sian twisting about in her short dresses. Grrrrrowl... :help:


    Definitely agree with the next two bits though.

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