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  1. I would also recommend cruse, my other half used them when his mum passed away, they were of great help to him.
  2. Not been able to find the number to contact the department that deals with district heating meters. Could you ask one of your neighbours? I know that the number is on the back of the bills that they send out for the heating.
  3. A couple of years ago, Sheffield city council added these meters to properties that were on district heating system. Previously heating and hot water was included in the rent. But they changed this to the £4 a week rent and then a separate charge for the amount of heating and hot water actually used. They collect the reading remotely The council should have told you about this when you signed tenancy etc. They should have also given you a choice of how to pay for it. You can either have a set direct debit or a top up payment, similar to a pre pay meter. A relative of mine had this system , but opted for the DD payment as it was easier and more convenient for them. There is a number for the department that deals with this heating system and its payments. I'll try and find it for you
  4. Happy to recommend Jeff Smith, Jeff the joiner on here, he has done a great job for us over the last couple of days. We plan to get Jeff back to our house in the future for other joinery work. He is reliable, friendly, we would highly recommend him, His contact number if you need him 07861379796 http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(joinery-solutions)_594351.htm
  5. Would also like to recommend Sam Lovatt at Dearne Plumbing and Bathrooms. Sorted out a problem with a stop tap, that other plumbers were not interested in fixing due to where it was. Not a problem to Sam, got the job done very quickly. Very pleased. Turned up when he said he would, cleaned up after himself, very reasonably priced. Will hopefully be getting Sam to redo our bathroom later in the year.
  6. Hi, we're looking for quotes for the following jobs 1 look at some areas of our kitchen ceiling that has suffered water damage from the bathroom above. Unsure if it just a repair job or more. 2, replace laminate floor in the kitchen. Also has water damage. Any recommendations please? Thanks
  7. I posted on this thread a while back, MIL sadly passed away last year and remained in Abbey Grange between my last post and last year. They still have seperate parts of the home for different needs ie dementia/nursing, but they do try and encourage interaction where possible. The manager has been the same one for a while. The staff are very caring and we found them to be a good team, some of them go above and beyond what is expected of them. I would still advise anyone when visiting ANY care home to just go, never make an appointment. Read CQC reports, the CQC are now inspecting with new guidelines.
  8. I heard about it last week. I'm sure it was in the local news and its on sheffcare website. Due to close in November.
  9. Another alternative is Dill and Sons, I got a oven door from them last year. Address: Roman Ridge Road, Sheffield S9 1GB Phone: 0114 244 7640
  10. Not sure if you have already got your tyres, try phoning Hawleys up. They have a place on Holme Lane. You could call and ask for a quote, from my own experiences they are reasonably priced and very quick. Holme Lane Branch Unit 1, 65 Holme Lane, Sheffield, S6 4JP Tel. 0800 195 1679 or 0114 232 2676
  11. Hi Beamer, My MIL is currently a resident at Abbey Grange, We have found the staff very friendly and willing to help. MIL has settled in very well and is happy. As stated above it did have a bad reputation at one time but the home has now been bought by a company called Country Court Care. Some of the home is undergoing refurbishment to allow for some of the rooms to become en-suite and other areas more up to date. Like other people have advised, go and have a look round, no need for an appointment. I hope your Husbands nan settles in well.
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