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  1. The above comment is from me but its logged into another account.
  2. I read threads about how to get around the car not started. The 'trick' that worked was hold down the button on the key as you start the car. But that no longer works. Not sure about a key code but i have a 4 digit security code in one of the books that came with the car? is this the same thing? Theres two threads becasue as i was typing the first one it came up with a screen saying something about this thread already exsisting and cleared my text box. I hen wrote it again and when i finally posted it it had posted my other one but half finished. icliked on it but i can find a delete button.
  3. Can anyone help, my daughters car is a Renault Clio 1.2 and the AA man says that the key is not connecting/ registering with the computer. Does anyone know anyone who can help? or any ideas as to where we can get a new key from? or the cost? Thanks
  4. Just found this thread. Both my mom and dad worked here. My dad worked there from beig 15 years old. His name is Dennis Wilman. Does anyone remember him? My mom worked there from about 1976 I think.
  5. Visited here sat night.The food was amazing. The service fantastic. Good Luck to Shaun and his family. Will definetly be visiting again.
  6. live in the Frecheville area, so anywhere round there, my friend as looked at afew and not too happy with what shes seen.
  7. Hello, I wonder if anyone out there can recomend a good nursing home. My friends dad is 80 and has parkinsons. I would be grateful for any information. Thanks
  8. Can anyone tell me if its tickets only this year for pubs in Mosborough?
  9. Texan....... A mans gotta chew... What a mans gotta chew Does anyone remember them? OOh and mint cracknel....
  10. My dad said he was good mates with someone called Pete Bedford, does that ring a bell with anyone? And his cousin Roy Wilman?
  11. Not sure uf this is a sheffield one, but my dad used to say "tha wants to know far end of a fart an weer it comes from"
  12. Saturdays was Claymore, Mulberry, Blue Bell, Stone House, Golden Ball, Three Tuns, Three Cranes, Complete Angler then Romeos....... Chip butty to finish....
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