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  1. I don't think the strike action of public sector workers has any effect. The unions seem to encourage having sufficient staff available for work so as not to cause too much inconvenience. Hence Cameron referring to past action as a "damp squid" Surely strike action is supposed to cause disruption to get the point across?
  2. John Lewis in town sell similar ones or search their website for Calex bulbs.
  3. Went to the Bar & Grill in town hast night and after being initially impressed it just went down hill fast. We were seated, ordered wine and food. Wine came, so far so good. Then nothing. Nobody came near our table and after an hour we decided to leave. We left the money for the wine on table and told the waitress we'd waited too long and we were leaving. She mumbled some apology. Just wondered if this is normal for the place?
  4. I only wanted a few providers too. The ones offering the best deals. Which after doing my own research, I found. He wanted to charge me £200. You better believe it.
  5. No, they earn money by doing the best for THEM. I went to a broker once who not only wanted to charge me for their service, only offered me from a limited number of mortgage providers. I found a better deal myself online. Moneysupermarket is as good as any or just look on the high street banks websites for the best deal.
  6. Good idea. I think a better idea would be to advertise help groups for all the bigots in the word, so his 'coming out' wouldn't be a problem.
  7. No I am not offended. To your first question - That's the question I'm asking Crookesey. To your second question - I'm not sure what manner Crookesyey was posting, that's why I'm asking. To your third question - No I am not surprised by that. I'm always surprised when any venue becomes a gay venue in Sheffield.
  8. Have I said I was offended? Do you think I am offended because I used the word homophobic? I was just interested in Crookesey's motivation for making the original comment in the manner it was written. Please note I have refrained from making comments about people, that I think I have learned by reading this thread.
  9. You were not stating The Yorkshireman in now a gay bar, as the Odeon is now a bingo hall. You were suggesting, with no offence intended, that the former licencee would be surprised in some way by this fact. Do you think that Odeon are surprised the building is now a bingo hall? And would you feel the need to comment on their behalf, with no offence intended?
  10. I have no idea what your point is.
  11. By 'I mean no offence', do you mean the former licencees may have been homophobic?
  12. I am looking for a rough guide as to how much a new roof would cost for an end terrace in Hillsborough. Also, if any forumers could suggest a good company to do it, that would be great. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replies. I have been sent no information with regard to where the money is held. I have left a message on the agents phone, but I think a trip to the citizens advice is in order.
  14. I have rented a flat through an agent, about 4 months ago, the agent provided the tenancy agreement which was signed by myself, the agent and the landlord. The agent has the bond which they said was going into the government rental deposit scheme. All well and good until I saw the landlord ( today) who said he was having trouble getting hold of the agent, and said he would hate me to lose the money if they didn't show up. Meaning I might not get my bond back when I move out, as they have the money not him. My question is, if the agent doesn't reappear is the landlord in any way resposible for getting my bond back? Thanks
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