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  1. I have been using them as water butts for the past year, I've just got too many on my plot. Someone told me you needed 12 for each plot but given that the water supply is right next to my plot that isn't the case for me! I grow organically so there is no trace of anything left in them except water.
  2. I have several of these available for £20 each
  3. Harland cafe on John St, It doesn'r cost anything as they make £ on the bar and food. I had a fabulous birthday party there. The people are great and very accommodating. Great size venue for 30-60 people. The decorate it at night for parties and will help you out with any preparations. They have a bar!!
  4. I've been trying to pluck up the courage to go to tango classes for some time and have discovered they are on both Tues and Wed on Ecclesall Rd. Is anyone up for starting next week? I'm needing a partner and although they said It'd be Ok to go on your own partners are 'encouraged'. It'd be great if anyone fancies it.
  5. Could anyone help me? I have two large dogs (57kg and 50kg) I have been feeding them James Wellbeloved but change of circumstances require economising and I need to switch to a cheaper brand. I've been given such conflicting advice. Feed them working dog formula as it's high in protein, Tesco own brand as it's as good as anything, 'chudleys', 'wagg' ??? I've no idea what is best for them at a reasonable price
  6. Thanks so much for that, will go ahead and take the plunge to buy one
  7. Does anyone know of a supplier for these? Or does anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  8. I have a few polyanthus and periwinkle to give away. They look a bit straggly at the moment but should come good with a bit of TLC
  9. If you cut them down then make a cross on the remaining stump poor oil into this, the stump will take it up and kill it. Not sure how long it will take.
  10. Chatsworth is th eplace to go, fantastic service, as many sandwiches as you can eat and so many cakes you nearly explode. Wash it down with a glass of bubbly, lovely!!
  11. Does anyone know how to get rid of these? All my plants, and even the radishes are being eaten
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