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  1. hey guys im new to pokerstars and when u deposit u get a free $5.50 ticket to play a home game (a game set up in a private poker room) anyway i have set up a poker room just for people to use these free tickets otherwise they go to waste, please leave a comments and il send u the name of the room and the invatation code. thanks guys, look forward to playing you all.
  2. does anybody know how i can get a cheap insurance quote in finding quotes of 4000 and more!!! thanks guys
  3. hi thanks for your interest, a pm has been sent
  4. if you are running an online business that sells products online you may be interested, this software is proven by top companies to increase online sales. it allows you to connect 1 on 1 live with you online customers and is alot cheaper than your average advertising with just 1 low payment if you would like to know more or would like to arrange a meet then please pm me and i will get back to you, i hope to here from you soon
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