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  1. 4000 houses on a flood plain? They won't need a station, they'll need a dock.
  2. No, I read it, you are just wrong. I don't want the sort of people who think it is fine to pee in public because they have drunk too much, to be able to get a taxi licence.
  3. Operating a taxi where you pick up woman late at night or deliver children to school isn't an occupation for convicted criminals of any kind. Many other jobs are fit for such people and they can do those. I don't really see why this is a problem?
  4. Taxi drivers are supposed to be honest people who we can entrust with taking our children without any other escort. This means that they cannot be criminals, particularly those involved in the drug trade. It is entirely right that someone loses their licence if they are convicted of any offence.
  5. You still have 13 days I am sure you can think of something.
  6. I think it depends how strong the lenses will need to be. If they are really strong then it is pretty bad, but if they are fairly week then they might be OK. All these things are always a matter of personal experience and it also matters what sort of work you do. I just found it easier (although certainly not easy) using one eye.
  7. I have had a problem with my 6th nerve and had very bad double vision for some months. I also kept asking how long it would last and the answer was "everybody is different". In my case I found the strong fresnal lenses to be hopeless and just wore an eye patch instead. You get used to using one eye very quickly and it can be easier than the lenses. The lenses where strong and so were a bit too fuzzy. In my case it got gradually better but I still needed an eye patch about 6 months later. Then one day it started to get better very quickly over a single day. Within a few days I could ditch the eye patch. I still have less vision over to the extreme left but it doesn't bother me much.
  8. If we can't ask what the police are doing, and particularly what the helicopter is doing, then the forum could be run on a ZX Spectrum. This forum is all just about gossip after all. How many people here, if asked in the real world- "what are the police doing across the road?" would answer "I don't know but I think we shouldn't talk about it as it might interfere with their work"?
  9. This is a matter of cashflow, it doesn't really affect budgets. The best idea is certainly to get rid of some of the councillors or at least stop paying them a salary. Yes I know most get an "allowance" but they get a large sum of money whether they turn up or not. The three councillors involved in the meeting about Gleadless library could forfeit their allowances and cover all the libary expenses. Then there would be no need for them to attend meetings about closing the library.
  10. It looks like a nice green space that will be built upon and covered in tarmac for parking. No doubt the land where the Chapletown baths are located will be used for housing etc. The net result is a loss of green space. People can exercise outside, they don't have to drive to a building and exercise inside.
  11. Perhaps other authorities simply tell the complainant "don't be so silly, there are no such things as ghosts", rather than wasting public money recording the incidents. Libraries or Ghost Busters, not a hard choice for most councils.
  12. I predict that during October each year the weather will be wet and windy. Sometimes this can turn into "very wet and very windy" in which case it is a good idea to put a coat on. But the real question we should all ask ourselves is "will the worst storm in history kill the deadly false widow spider infestations?".
  13. Can I suggest we shoot the parents and not the children? Anyone who brings up their child to be traumatised by a slightly silly dog needs to be stopped from doing the same to other children. I don't much like dogs, and I certainly don't like dog owners who bring up badly behaved dogs. But neither do I like parents who bring up children who are scared of their own shadow.
  14. From reading the various threads on this forum it seems to me that there is a massive problem with people approaching children. It also seems that the police won't do anything about warning people properly. My suggestion is that the forum run a warning system, perhaps with a coloured light that always appears on the forum header. Here are my suggested grades/colours depending on how serious the situation is, and what parents should then do:- Green - Nothing has happened and your children can speak to anyone. Yellow - Someone has heard from a friend that they know someone who got a text saying a man in a white van was talking to some children near a school. Warn children to avoid all vans and particularly white ones. Amber - A school was also heard the same rumour and someone in the office has decided, for "Health and Safety Reasons" to warn all their parents. Get your children to run home, avoiding everyone over 18 just in case. Don't let them use public transport as this can be very dangerous. Red - These rumours have been repeated on this forum many times and so must now be true. Run and hide, stockpile food if possible, await the all-clear siren.
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