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  1. noooooooooooo only just seen this i used to run a garage at edmund rd and chatted to trevor virtually every day so so sad to hear this -
  2. i was born at makin road my mam n dad margaret n keith frost anyone remember them ????
  3. yeah proppa sheffield tis that tha knows - gonna go round lump fora spin.
  4. hi ya any1 know off or remember keith frost off wybourn
  5. hi which mr jackson as there were several - i went too wessy from 82-87
  6. KEITH FROST MAYBE NOT JACK LOL - thats was my dad keith.
  7. hi yes he did - am his son karl - we actually lived and i was born at makin rd- me dad continued to work there untill early 90,s when company started to go under & HE WAS MADE REDUNDANT.
  8. names like lambourn - keeling spring too mind as well
  9. HI YA does any1 remeber KEITH FROST OR WALTER FROST]
  10. keith frost lived on wybourn from early 40,s onwards had a brother called walter ....am karl keiths youngest son ....dad died 2 yr ago but would love too chat too anyone who knew him or the family ...cheers.
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