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  1. Thanks for your comments, Me and My partner went to check it out last Sunday, 2 courses for 12.95. We shared the "famous" thai fish cake, i had the lamb he had the Beef, it was lovely, came with lots of Veg, Homemade Roasties and Yorkshire. i was stuffed!! but couldnt resist the White Chocolate and Marshmellow Cheesecake for pudding. YUM YUM YUM!! Well Worth A Try Guys, The partner thinks of him self as a bit of a chef and can be a massive critic, he wasn't complaining!!! Thanks 23 for an enjoyable meal. Can i ask you, what date you went MWH?? popular night maybe... Cant wait for my Xmas Dinner Now!!
  2. Hi all, Im in charge of the works christmas party this year... I've booked 23 Bar and Restaurant, West One Plaza. We are having a three course meal on the Friday 17th costing £30 per head, which i this very reasonable. The plan is eat upstairs in the restaurant, then go downstairs have cocktails, and a dance the night away. Can i have your opinions? Has anyone done this before. Look forward to your comments, x
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