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  1. I served with the Y&Lregt from 54 to 57 did my training at Pontefract barracks then sent to Egypt to join the battalion then again for the Suez crisis.
  2. Yes Pitsmoorboy I remember the café with the pin ball machine's, but also lower down (what we called the drinks shop) where one could get any flavoured drink plus hot drinks like OXO HORLICKs TEA & COFFER spent a lot of time in both.
  3. When I visit Aldi I also like to look around the other stores & I don't want to be jumping into my car to park outside the given store, 2 hours goes in a flash even when one's only window shopping.
  4. I use Aldi at Meadowhall regularly & it never seem's to be busy even at weekend's plus there's a 2-hour parking limit, & that could have an impact on a possible closing of the store, just have to wait & see.
  5. Sheffield Council mentioned in the star recently that there was canceling KIER'S contract & maintaining council properties themselves, the reason being too many complaints on shoddy work.
  6. Toby foster has been missing from radio Sheffield for nearly 3 weeks, no mention from Paul Walker or any of the team, anybody out there knows why?.
  7. any of the old employers from the 50s.
  8. RAY MORGAN, died In Boston LINCS about 4-5 yres ago. If you wont to know more about the hard men of Sheffield theirs quiet a big story on Sheffleld Forum called ( BIG HITTER'S OFF THE 50s) .
  9. The only nightclub i can remember was between Hearts head & bank street was called BAILEY'S.
  10. Azena mansfield road-- Larcarno London road -- city hall--cutlerie's? Hall the-- ballroom above banners Attercllife--. Rotherham baths-- some working mens clubs-- & sometimes skeggy if their was a jive competition loved the jive plenty off the girl's underwear on show stand & watch for a couple off dance's pick out the girl's with nice leg's then make a move on her not all way's lucky, the girl's would be doing the same as the guy's looking for the best dance's. Christmas day was a bore no dance hall's open un till a minute after midnight for 4 hours spent all boxing day in bed.met my wife to be at the city hall married in 59 had a week's honeymoon skeggy & won second prize in a jive comp,fabulous era
  11. AD A couple off girl friend's, before meeting the one that really stole my heart--then broke it, worship't the ground she walked on had a really great romantic relationship for about 7 month's before going into the army too do my N/S--(national service) sent too EGYPT, on coming back too the UK after a year & half abroad the first person i wanted too see was my sweetheart (that's where the broken heart comes in) she'd got a 6 week old baby girl:o.
  12. MY youngest brother also worked for W/B (James--Jimmy--Jim) WARD.
  13. B&Q Greenland road Darnall has now closed, someone's got their B&Qs wrong.
  14. Yes i remember the shop i was a barman at the pheasant pub i started work their in the late 60s too the late 70s their where two shops between the co-op & the pheasant one was a lady's outfitters the other a carpet & lino shop. hope my input is helpful.
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